A Fan's Account Of Meeting Robert Pattinson At The "Bel Ami" Premiere in Berlin

We had Natasha's great fanpics of Robert Pattinson at the "Bel Ami" Berlin Premiere earlier this morning (check them out HERE if you missed them)
Now read her fan encounter story with Rob below


I came all the way from Moscow Russia to Berlin to meet the sexiest vampire alive Robert Pattinson. I knew it was a mad thing to do but I decided that if he really was presenting his movie in Berlin then I was going. I must say, that was one of the biggest moments in my life.
“Bel Ami’’ press-conference was held in Hyatt Hotel, so first of all, I decided to check this place. To my great surprise there were few people (in Moscow, it’s almost impossible to see celebrities in star-studded places, because of the crowd).I waited in line with some other fans, we chatted about Rob’s hair(or better to say the absence of it), his films, smile and things like that, the whole atmosphere was really friendly. In 30 minutes the fortune smiled upon us, a big car with blacked out windows pulled up. My heart skipped a bit… OMG THERE HE IS. Everyone was screaming, and I’ll tell you it looked like another 100 people joined the line. I could not do anything, I just stared at him( and not at his face only, don’t know if it’s an appropriate thing to share, but he has the cutest tiny ass, I have ever seen))))

He looked so handsome, though really skinny =)I thought he looked bigger in Water For Elephants. He literally signed and took photos down the whole line, I was really impressed. When he started walking toward me, I felt a little like Bella Swan, I totally forgot to breathe and almost fainted. He signed a picture from Comic-Con New Moon press-conference, I took my arm around Rob and was photographed with him. I told him, that I came from Moscow and Russian fans were waiting for him to visit our capital , that he was amazing, and other great things about him. He thanked me for these words and promised to visit my hometown, he said something else, but I was so shocked, I don’t remember now =(
That was an amazing experience, I was full of emotions )))
I got to Berlinale Palast about 4pm and I took my place in the red carpet line. I was in the front row, so I calmed down and started waiting again. It was cold and rainy, but these “little things” could not stop me. The cameras were filming us as well, I even spotted myself on a big screen.
Several hours passed and what do you think????? Robert appeared on a red carpet. It was insane, people screamed, pushed each other, I don’t know, how I survived there.
I’m not gonna repeating myself but Robert was utterly charming and polite, I took some pictures and went inside of Berlinale Palast to watch “Bel Ami”. I was really fortunate to see him taking to the stage twice and presenting the movie. Everyone noticed that he had that blissful look on his face).
I absolutely loved the movie, Robert, Uma, Christina did a great job, I was fascinated with the clothes and spirit of the 19th century. BTW, you will be happy to see Rob’s naked ass almost in the beginning of the film))))) So,I advise you to go see this movie, you won't be disappointed for sure))
Btw one russian newspaper asked me to write an article about Robert Pattinson coming to Berlin, so wish me luck pls =) (I’m working as a journalist)
I must say I had the time of my life! It was such an emotional night, but I wanna thank Robert Pattinson for being so awesome to his fans. His gorgeous smile lightened up my world.
And always remember dreams come true!

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