Spotted: Robert Pattinson out and about enjoying Pre-Oscar Parties

Spotted: Robert Pattinson out and about enjoying Pre-Oscar Parties

UPDATE: Report from Celebuzz:
With the Academy Awards just around the corner, stars are flocking to some of Hollywood’s hottest pre-Oscars parties and Celebuzz has got the scoop on what went down at WME’s private Brentwood bash last night.
It was a Twilight reunion on Friday as our insider spotted Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson getting very affectionate inside WME’s private bash in Brentwood. Kristen, who was seen sporting a plaid shirt, jeans and heels, arrived to the party together with her equally casual-looking boyfriend. The two were seen holding hands the entire night and rarely left each other’s side as they caught up fellow guest and Breaking Dawn co-star Taylor Lautner.

UPDATE: Another tweet added under Sarah and the gringocochino tweets are legit. We have pics this morning on the blog of Rob and Kristen in that attire and the tweeter posted a pic of him with Taylor Lautner.

The Oscars are this Sunday and while our guy isn't attending the ceremony, looks like he's still partaking in the festivities. :) Looks like Rob and Kristen made 2 stops...

In order of when they appeared throughout the entire evening, Friday, Feb. 24th. First from the official twitter of Juicy Couture:


Matt Donnelly, writer for the LA Times:


Sarah Fitzmaurice from Daily Mail:

Plus: Wow insane amount of Kristen & Robert fans..... It wasn't a pre-Oscars event they were both very casual she was in jeans & a plaid shirt. Robert had a cap on and was smoking, they walked through the bar holding hands and looked very cute, and very together.

Heat World magazine also spotted Rob & Kristen:

Plus: Oh, and we spotted Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux earlier. They just might rival K-Stew and R-Pattz as Hollywood's hottest couple!

DeanPiper from Sunday Mirror:


This account isn't backed by a publication but also shared a sighting:
@gringocochino: Lautner. Swift. Stewart. Theron. Cyrus. o brien. Hemsworth Pattinson. Pharrell. Patton. Thicke. Britton. and the night has just begun. rob was wearing a hat and kristen was wearing a red plaid shirt. I'll post my photos tomorrow.

Love him out and about mixing and mingle during the industry's biggest weekend. Perhaps talking about his next role?? Hmmm, Rob??

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