Juliette Binoche Talks "Cosmopolis" & Working With Robert Pattinson

Juliette Binoche did interviews recently with Vanity Fair & ArtInfo and mentioned "Cosmopolis" and her make out scene with Robert Pattinson
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First up Vanity Fair:
Let’s talk about your upcoming David Cronenberg–directed film, Cosmopolis, which stars Robert Pattinson. What’s your role?

I’m an art dealer. I only shot two days. The whole film takes place in a car. There are some scenes outside, but mostly it takes place in a limo. Cronenberg placed Robert on one seat, and I was the mover in the scene, so he let me improvise.(Kate: o.O Bet that wasn't too hard) It was fascinating to see how they would take time to light the car. It was like an art form almost, a painting. His [cinematographer], Peter Suschitzky, is very precise in that way.

Robert was stunned to be taken by Cronenberg, because he didn’t think he could do it. (Kate: Silly Rob. We knew he could do it!)But Cronenberg believed in him. It’s amazing—a director sometimes makes you do bigger things than you imagine. You need to have, like, a midwife to give birth. You need this midwife in order to grow, and imagine these new layers in yourself.

Next up Juliette spoke to ArtInfo
I’ve seen a little bit of you in “Cosmopolis.” You’re in the car, wearing a little black dress, making out with Robert Pattinson. (Kate: *fans self*)
Who do you play?

I play an art dealer who’s been a lover of Robert Pattinson’s character for a few years. Throughout the whole film she has this kind of sexual moment that Cronenberg always puts in his films. Then at the end she’s feeling alone and left out. I don’t know how long the scene is – (Kate: I'd say it was difficult to keep track of time alright) maybe four minutes – but it’s like a lifetime, (Kate: Oooooh 4 mins with Rob. Then again I'm greedy, 4 mins wouldn't be enough) a relationship kind of starting and ending.

Was it exciting working with Cronenberg?
Yes, though it was only two days shooting. It’s always interesting wondering whether you’re being taken into a film, or whether you’re taking the director into it. When you work with great directors, you never know who starts it. Being stuck in a limo means you have to use your imagination. So Cronenberg played Robert in one spot and after that he let me do what I wanted, and when he was satisfied we stuck with that. He was precise language-wise, but otherwise he let me be, emotionally. It was good.

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