Robert Pattinson Smiles & We All Fall To Pieces

Robert Pattinson Smiles & We All Fall To Pieces (or at least I do anyway)

Bet it's not just me. Try looking at these gorgeous new/old fan pics from the LA "Breaking Dawn" Convention from last November without passing out from the hotness.

Grab the pillows, helmets and anything else you need to prevent injury before looking at them.
See how nice I'm being to you!
Who said for a change?

There's the smile. There's no hope for me................


Oh God he's pulling out all the stops combining the Jaw & Mole Porn. He SO knows what he's doing


Arrrrrrggggh finger porn while looking soooooooooo innocent


You can take that smug look right off your face Mr Pattinson


Click for HQ

Thanks to Sue for sharing her fabulous pics via RobPattzNews


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