Showcase Saturday starring Robert Pattinson

Showcase Saturday starring Robert Pattinson

This Cosmopolis edit is short but its got good attitude.

I think this next video made the cut because I'm actually working out on my treadmill as I do this. There's a ledge I can balance my laptop on and I multitask.
Anywho....I like this little Russian video! The pics and vid clips used are gorgeous. If I knew the song, I bet I'd download it for my workout playlist. ;)

This last video is a full video from 2 weeks ago....the "straight to number one" video. Remember I was asking what number 1 was? Welp. It is HOT. I'm serious. It's Sinful Sunday in some parts of the world and the video fits. I'm putting it under the cut and telling you to make sure you're alone and laying sitting down. Kick the kids out, light a candle and keep your profanity at a whisper.

*Super sexy video has some Bel Ami spoilers*

Is it May 4th yet???


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