"Charming and Gorgeous" Robert Pattinson mentioned on French TV & Cosmopolis review receives 4 stars from Russian publication

"Charming and Gorgeous" Robert Pattinson mentioned on French TV & Cosmopolis review receives 4 stars from Russian publication

UPDATE: One of our readers, Christine, sent in the Russian translation of the Cosmopolis review in June issue of Phychologies below :) Thanks Christine!
Cronenberg’s latest films from the point of view of thought and influence could not compare with his “Crash” “Fly” and “Dead Zone” but in Cosmopolis the “action Psychologist” shows his previous might. In the screen adaptation of the novel by Don DeLillo-a post modernist novelist (or American umberto eco) he creates the image of modern world- the world with every technological comfort but which is full of violence. Protesting against universal functionality/purposefulness is a young billionaire-never leaving Manhattan, in just 24 hours he loses all his material and social assets and acquires a real “self”. And wonderful actor -Pattinson, whose talent showed even playing a young vampire, creates the image of a whole generation of baby boom children-young people feeling they should be billionaires just by the right of birth in the environment of “Golden Billion”. Cosmopolis- , expressive, gloomy/impenetrable without illusions -it mostly reminds us of Edvard Munch’s painting "The Scream” and you should agree that not often do we feel like comparing modern films with real pieces of art.
Christine also notes that the ranking of 4 stars is the maximum and the translation says this level equaled "brilliant". :))))

Cosmopolis and Rob were enthused about on French TV. From the translation, it sounds like the host saw the film and loved it.

UPDATE: YouTube added. Thanks veronicaspuffy!

Translation starting at 2:10:
She’s talking about Cosmopolis, a film which is highly expected. It’s from David Cronenberg. The film is awesome and it’s impossible to explain the book’s storyline. It’s just art. She can say exactly what it’s about.
She finally said that it’s set in New York and we have future and past moments. It’s about a golden boy’s fall out and he’s foreseeing his own murder. It’s very confusing. The trailer is so gorgeous she absolutely wanted to talk about it. There’s a lot of stars in it and there’s the gorgeous and charming Robert Pattinson. He’s from the Twilight Saga.
What’s surprising is the rating of the film because there’s a lot of sex in it.
Cosmopolis was also reviewed in a Russian publication and we have an excerpt from that as well as the ranking...4 stars!
Wonderful actor Pattinson creates an image of the entire generation…Cosmopolis is impenetrable and expressive.
I believe the source will translate the rest tomorrow but thought the excerpt was great to share now. If you understand Russian, click the thumbnail and enjoy :) NOTE: The full translation is at the top of the post.

Russian review of Cosmopolis

Video & Translation:  Ptiteaurel via SpunkRansom & Source | Russian article & Translation excerpt: AdeleStew


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