Fan Picture of Robert Pattinson heading out of Cannes (May 28)

Fan Picture of Robert Pattinson heading out of Cannes (May 28)

Lucky fan! Rob's on his way to Portugal next. Don't you love when it's raining Rob? Hallelujah!

UPDATED: Better quality and LAWD help us ALL.


Photo caption: Mr Robert Pattinson & I ! Still freaking out !!!!! ‪#robertpattinson‬ ‪#cosmopolis‬ ‪#cannes‬ I love this guy!!!!

Fan account under the cut!

So let's go! here's the story of how I met Robert Pattinson on May 28th 2012 when he was leaving Cannes.. :) My friend @Its_Avril & I have been waiting for days & days, hours and hours to see Rob & Kristen at Cannes.. today we were once again at the aiport, waiting for Rob to come take his flight to go to Lisbon when we got a news that he was going to another airport.. O_o This is when I love having my car.. lol So we drove all the way back to the other airport, not knowing if this was true or even if it was, if he was still in Cannes.. but we did it anyway! Come on it's Rob we are talking about! =) So here we go, 40 minutes later, nobody was there, we were kinda lost.. lol we asked staff there, they didn't know cuz they have a flight number but not people's names.. so we waited & waited, checking out every car coming.. After 2 hours I was "It's David Cronenberg in the car" -is it? LOL but yes it was him.. we took a pic with him, he was SO nice.. we talked a little bit about Cosmopolis and we asked him if Rob was coming - YES he was on his way.. OMFG I was shaking up ! :) After again like 20 minutes or so, another van + car came but not where we were standing and we were sure it was him ! Not wanting to be like those crazy hysterical girls, we didn't run but then he was out of his car and already almost in the terminal so my friend called him. At first, Rob & his 2 bodyguards didn't really stop but then I guess they heard it was not the voice of a fucking huge paparazzi so they stopped and turned around.. Marine was like "We're only 2" and they waited for us to arrive near them =) I WAS FREAKING OUT !!! lol I came in front of Rob "Hiiiiii" lol and he said hi back & smiled at me.. we told him we've been waiting for days & that we've seen Cosmo, that we liked it (even if it is -really- weird LOL) and then we asked for pictures.. Marine got first, I was second.. being in his arms.. like really I don't know if there's a better feeling than this !! He had his arm on my lower back <3 (I had mine too !! hahaha) then my friend told him the joke we said we were gonna do.. you can only understand once you've seen Cosmopolis but so she asked how was his prostate ! LOL Of course he laughed and asked us how we had found the movie, if we liked it or not.. =)
A police woman even asked for a pic too.. haha, we thanked him a lot and when he was starting to go away, I took my 2 previous pictures with him out of my purse so he could sign them but he didn't see it, so one of his bodyguard (not Dean, the other one but I don't remember his name) told him, he turned back and signed my pics.. That same bodyguard asked where it was from, so I told them it was back in November 2009 during New Moon promo in Paris and his BG was like "I even made it in the pic" LOL because yes, I have both bodyguards behind Rob on those pics :) so it was a cute moment too <3 and I have 2 beautiful autographs.. LOL because it was not like the fast ones he does during a promo.. it's really the "Rob Patt" on the 2 of them woohoo <3 And then we thanked him again, told him "enjoy your flight" and he got in ! :)
And 5 hours later, I still can't believe it happened !!! Ooooh and he told us "See you soon".. Oh yeah, real soon Rob ! <3 Can't wait to watch his career explodes and follow him wherever he goes ! =)

Here it is.. hope it's not too long and too boring ! haha! Thanks everybody for you kind words and I do hope for all of you that you'll meet him one day ! :)

And thanks again Mr freaking Pattinson ! <3

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