Robert Pattinson talks about giving up smoking, David Cronenberg freaking him out and more

Robert Pattinson talks about giving up smoking, David Cronenberg freaking him out and more

UPDATE: We support you, Rob!

Rob said he gave up smoking!!! This makes me REALLY happy. Good luck, Rob! We're rooting for you because we want you to liiiiiiiive.

He says other great stuff with great expressions. Of course ;) A portion of this interview was already shown HERE 

On our ROBsessed twitter, I asked fans: Show of twitter hands....who's happy Rob is quitting smoking?


ckmom: *hand raised!*;  mholshev: *raises twitter hand*; JulieAnX2e: *RAISES HANDS*; Sempre4ever: o/; tinkrbe1l3: *waving hands like a maniac*; Erika_Conway: yay for him!; Mystikalj2: Very very happy!!; yukkei87: TWO HANDS UPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!; julia_lindh: good rob xx; iamheatherlewis: This can be the motivation I need too!“; Mariarobpatt: I F*CKING AM; TwilightWord: Good for you Roooooob; Marystat: MEEEEEEE!; RosalindRing: Want Rob to have long healthy life!; Chudygirl: *waves hand in air*; socalmom2four: Me! *tears of joy* for #healthyRob; Miss_Caino: raising my hand! Right here!; LisbethTejada: Yay!♥ \☺/; NW4RPatz: Me 4! *tears of joy* for #healthyRob; KrisAndRob26: Beyond happy; SlaveforRob: I am!!Go Robert,I'm quittin smokin 2; blondemel47: ABSOLUTELY OVER THE MOON!!! SO much better for his health. So Icy was right yesterday when she said this.; fab_w: o/; jenniferrhines: Awesome!! Yay!!; yertlesmom: ME ME ME!; loucharod:  meeeee!!! For his own good! And ours!; ShirlSitler: *raises hand, waves frantically*; lasark38: me,me,me,me. Lol; Lucerne28: Raising hand high. So glad to hear that.; rittersr6: *waving hands like a maniac*; JulieM1288: Raises hand!; BayanAbudahab: OMG! This makes my day! I'm so happy for him! :') I feel like a proud mama now!; CiscadeBeer: Seriously!  Good for him!!!!; lchatman10: so happy about that; TwiCarolS: ME!*belatedly waving twitter hands in air*; beaumontb7: *waving hands like a maniac*; PinjaYlakotola: I'm happy; RPattzgirl: ! o/; jcopas1: All hands on deck!!!; Calihi27: *Raises hand & waves in the air; Hearts_Kaos: *waves arm* Here!; XxTwilighterxX: i think he's making a great choice, all that smoking does is basically smoke your life away! i'm a very happy fan! :D xxxxxxx; SiLviLiS: o/ Quitting smoking is not easy, but Rob can do it! :); EmeraldKate: Whoot

And not to mention the overwhelming support in the DR. :)) He may look sexy while doing it (he makes everything sexy) but this is awesome news. It's not easy to kick that habit and we support him no matter what happens but for now....



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