Cosmopolis Goodies: Kevin Durand discusses Robert Pattinson and their characters + Rob and Paul Giamatti still

Cosmopolis Goodies: Kevin Durand discusses Robert Pattinson and their characters + Rob and Paul Giamatti still

We've had this posted already but it was cropped.

I love this picture because I love what Eric says here: "You're unsettled because you feel
you have no role, you have no place."

Kevin Durand (Torval) spoke to Suite101 about Cosmopolis and Rob. Here's an excerpt:
Torval tolerates Eric, and he tends to see him better than anyone else does and feels disdain for him. Was that intentional or did I read that in?

Durand: From when I first read it I thought he was more than just chief of security relationship with this financial iconic kid. It was kind of father son-ish in some ways, seeing someone who over the years come sot care for this kid. He’s doing the dumbest things and constantly putting me in danger. It is layered, there is a lot happening, a lot of affection too and loathing. It’s all there.

Robert Pattinson said he had ideas for his onscreen relationship with Torval. Did you ever discuss it?

Durand: He didn’t really have to think of it. He’s used to a lot of security and so it was natural. It was important to him because especially in this film, his life is in Torval’s hands. There were times when I was reading the script I asked myself so many questions. Does he like this kid? Does he want to kill this kid? There were so many things going on. Ultimately he was just trying to keep him alive.

There are moments when you’re looking at him and there is real fire.

Durand: I can’t believe it but it’s a daily thing for him. It was hard for me to get into that too much. It was the second scene we shot and I was frustrated. I was getting angry that he wasn’t looking at me. It was either his choice or David’s choice but he never makes eye contact with me so immediately that informs you of your place. I remember I had to pull it back and make it sit. You’re feeling “What am I?” This real classist thing. There was disdain for him but he was also entertained by the ridiculous shit he talks about, like saying how perky a woman’s breasts were. It’s like, “How do you get away with this shit?” I would be in prison. It’s an interesting mix of disdain and admiration.
The Torval and Eric relationship was very good. One of my favorite interactions and one I recite often. At least Torval's lines. They're funny. He's going on and on about the complex and the situation and Eric is pretty steady - we want a haircut.

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