"He Has A Kind Of Rebellious Charisma & He Is A Handsome Guy & A Very Good Actor" ~ Martin Koolhoven Talks Robert Pattinson

"He Has A Kind Of Rebellious Charisma & He Is A Handsome Guy & A Very Good Actor" ~ Martin Koolhoven Talks Robert Pattinson

UPDATE: Added another interview with Martin where he talks about Brimstone and his impressive cast.

Martin Koolhoven the Director of Brimstone spoke to Veronica Magazine about how he things Rob will be good in the movie, about his fans and more. Watch the video below and check out the translation below.

Translation (Thanks To @RobsPromotion)
"Pattinson was a teen-idol. A lot of fans are still very loyal. I didn't know he was that popular. I knew he was popular, but not that there are people that have more or less devoted their lives to finding every bit of news about him on the internet, so every interview and most probably also this one 'hello, Pattinson fans' will be translated and then everybody talks about it. And because I am on Twitter they tag my name so my whole Twitter-feed is full.

He has a kind of rebellious charisma and he is a handsome guy and he is a very good actor. So I believe he is going to be really good."
Martin also spoke about Rob and Brimstone in REVU Magazine.

Our lovely reader, Marjanne, fixed up this translation for us. Thank you! xx
What is your best pitch for Brimstone?
“A film like this does not exist yet. When people ask me with what you can compare it, then I have no answer. And I really did see a lot of movies. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time and am convinced that it will be good. So bring it on, the expectations can not be high enough.”

Guy Pearce, Robert Pattinson, Mia Wasikowska; how did you get such an impressive cast?
“I have send my script to numerous agencies in Hollywood. Everywhere I got the same answer: “We’re going to read it next week.” But they never did. A fellow producer of my business partner had given my script to read to Des Hamilton, a big casting director from England, and he was enthusiastic immediately. This story was going to explode in Hollywood, according to him. “We’re golden Martin, we’re golden,” he said the whole time. I thought I have to see it before I believe it, as he was approaching the same agents who for months kept me in suspense. The next day my phone was ringing off the hook. I could get every actor I wanted. I had to reject A-list actors and actresses who are really very good, only in my eyes just a little too old for the role I had in mind.”
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