New Pics: Robert Pattinson at a Brit Awards after party

Has it rained Rob today or what? And it's still a-pouring!

More photos of Robert Pattinson looking all kinds of delicious at a Brit Awards after party.

Added one more below.... oh.... and even more.... 

Click HERE for more photos of Rob and FKA Twigs leaving the party. 

 photo B-vQKaBXAAERjaI.jpg  photo B-vPw23WkAE1-6S.jpg

I'd love to know what this conversation was about....

 photo B-vq-0DXAAAxqNT.jpg 

More yum under the cut...

 photo B-vgvqwUEAAcw4l.jpg  photo Capture.jpg

 photo Capture.jpg  photo B-vgvqwUEAAcw4l.jpg  photo B-vq-0DXAAAxqNT.jpg  photo B-vQKaBXAAERjaI.jpg  photo B-vPw23WkAE1-6S.jpg  photo RobPattinson.Twigs 4.jpg  photo RobPattinson.Twigs 2.jpg  photo RobPattinson.Twigs 1.jpg 
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