REVIEWS: Robert Pattinson is sharp-tongued and comedic in Herzog's Queen of the Desert!

REVIEWS: Robert Pattinson is sharp-tongued and comedic in Herzog's Queen of the Desert!

Berlinale is underway and the reviews for Queen of the Desert are coming in! Rob was not present for the press conference and premiere but you can click HERE if you're interested in the events.

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Since Rob is not in Berlin yet (he arrives for Life promo) and we have no pictures of Rob as T.E. Lawrence (the world is cruel), we have to "settle" for this knock out portrait during Berlinale 2012.

Here are the highlights about Rob and we'll be updating as they keep rolling in:

Excerpt from The Independent:
T.E. Lawrence himself appears (played in eccentric, tongue in cheek fashion by Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame)...Pattinson’s performance, meanwhile, is comic and a very long way removed from Peter O'Toole. He plays Lawrence Of Arabia as a sharp-tongued, sardonic figure who can see through the pretensions of his bosses and colleagues.
Excerpt from The Playlist:
In fact, of the actors not overwhelmed by the heavy sense that "we're playing old-timey dudes in old-timey duds," Robert Pattinson (though the duds do sit awkwardly on him), for words about whom, I'll face the fact that probably 75% of the readers of this review will have expressly tuned in, is most surprising. The part is small. He only has a few scenes, but helped by the writing of TE Lawrence as an ego-driven but lighthearted, whimsical brainbox, he actually sounds like he believes he is living in modern times, not some anachronistic recreation. And so even when he has ponderous words to say, such as when he quotes Jefferson's famous, damning line, "I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just," he does so lightly, conversationally — unconvincing costume aside, he lets a little life in.
Excerpt from The Guardian:
Perhaps in flight from her internal emotional turmoil, Bell cultivates her passionate interest in the Bedouin tribesmen and displaces her need for romantic love outwards – into the desert. There she is to encounter Lawrence himself, played boyishly by Robert Pattinson. He looks a little self-conscious in the headdress – though perhaps no more self-conscious than Lawrence himself looked in it. His appearance got a few laughs from the Berlin festival audience, but Pattinson carried off this (minor) role well enough.
Excerpt from The Hollywood Reporter:
The brief but significant appearances of Robert Pattinson as T.E. Lawrence
Excerpt from Criticwire:
Robert Pattinson gets relatively high marks for his brief turn as the bonafide T.E. Lawrence
Excerpt from The People's Movies:
With the exception of Robert Pattinson as T. E. Lawrence, her male counterparts are somewhat lacking. 
Excerpt from Indiewire:
The most ironic aspect of the enterprise is that the one man with whom Bell conducts believable, intriguing dealings is the one upon whom her sex-appeal has zero effect: none other than T.E. Lawrence himself, played with a plummy-voiced knowingness by Robert Pattinson. Pattinson doesn't get very much screen time here, but manages to come up with a Lawrence a universe away from Peter O'Toole's iconic portrayal - a kind of proto-Beat rebel in fancy Arab duds - and his dialogue exchanges with Kidman have a little touch of Steed and Mrs. Peel that at least gives their scenes some kind of oomph.
Excerpt from The Film Stage:
She encounters various historical figures, such as T.E. Lawrence (Robert Pattinson, in hilariously pretentious form)


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