ROBsessed Giveaway: WALKING ON TRAMPOLINES is what we're doing for Fiction Friday!

ROBsessed Giveaway: WALKING ON TRAMPOLINES is what we're doing for Fiction Friday!

More books! More good reading! You ready??

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This is something a little different from our sexy romances and thrillers. WALKING ON TRAMPOLINES by Frances Whiting is a beautiful story of friendship and coming-of-age, described as "heartwarming, accessible, and thought provoking". Liane Moriarty, New York Times bestselling author of The Husband’s Secret, said Walking on Trampolines is “a tender exploration of friendship, families, and first love”. Here's more of a synopsis:
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“Tallulah de Longland,” she said slowly, letting all the L’s in my name loll about lazily in her mouth before passing judgment.  
“That,” she announced, “is a serious glamorgeous name.” 
From the day Annabelle Andrews sashays into her classroom, Tallulah ‘Lulu’ de Longland is bewitched: by Annabelle, by her family, and by their sprawling, crumbling house tumbling down to the river.  
Their unlikely friendship intensifies through a secret language where they share confidences about their unusual mothers, first loves, and growing up in the small coastal town of Juniper Bay.  
But the euphoria of youth rarely lasts, and the implosion that destroys their friendship leaves lasting scars and a legacy of self-doubt that haunts Lulu into adulthood.  
Years later, Lulu is presented with a choice: remain the perpetual good girl who misses out, or finally step out from the shadows and do something extraordinary.  
And possibly unforgivable… It’s not how far you fall, but how high you bounce.
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Good luck!!!
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Who are our winners for The Professional??
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FanFic Friday
I don't have anything new to bring to the table but that should prove how engrossing the Demonica series is. With each book, the world gets larger and more intriguing. You get to stay in touch with all the people you grew to love in prior books and end up loving more people introduced. Give this action packed, sexy series a go. Click HERE to get started! I'm going to see about doing a giveaway for the series as well.
It's been several days since we last checked in with Tonio but Deep In The Heart Of Me never leaves my reading thoughts. Even my non-reading thoughts. I stare longingly at my inbox wondering what's happening. Did you guys catch that time jump in the last update? WHOA! Oh....HOLD THE PHONE! I'm talking about staring longingly at my inbox, I go to look up the time jump date and I'm 2 hours late on a recent update! That's what I get for going out earlier and not checking my phone. Let us wrap this up so I can see what Tonio is up to. If you aren't reading DITHOF, you're living on Mars. ;)
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