Robert Pattinson movie news roundup: Good Time, Lost City of Z and more

There have been lots of snippets of movie news for Robert Pattinson this week. Read on for a roundup of distribution, film festival and release news!

Firstly and very excitingly the first distribution news for Good Time!

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Cineart will distribute Good Time in the Netherlands with a release date of September 2017

There is also great news for the US with the Lost City of Z screening at upcoming film festivals

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April 6 - Special screening in Los Angeles
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April 6 - Louisiana Film Festival

April 8 - Hawaii International Film Festival

April 9 - San Francisco Film Festival

April 14 - Limited release listed on imdb

And The Queen of the Desert finally has a release date in the US! 

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IFC films have a dedicated page with a release date of April 14

Thanks to Nancy and Sally


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