More details and comments from Robert Pattinson during WFE Berlin press conference

From Washington Post
“Twilight”-star Robert Pattinson says the highlight of his role in the movie “Water for Elephants” was co-starring with Tai the elephant, but if he could be a circus animal it would be a bear, like the cinnamon roll-fed, vegetarian bear on set.

Pattinson told reporters on Wednesday that “I like the idea of sitting around all day, being a bear and then eating pastries.”

Haha this is funny...Christoph is SO right. From Lara82
Rob's parents & sisters were there too. Rob seemed to be in a very good mood the whole day, was all smiley on the red carpet too, even waving to the fans from the theater's balcony. Christoph Waltz was - like Rob - also giving some autographs on the Red Carpet, and making pix w/ fans. Christoph, who also lives in Berlin, seemed in a way better mood than in NYC.
Earlier that day, at the press conference, Rob told the reporters that his new dog is in LA right now. When one reporter asked him what Berlin gifts/souvenirs he bought for Kristen, he smiled & said, that he hadn't bought anything yet but that he'll think about something. When my friend Mel asked him, what he thought was the funniest scene they filmed for W4E, he thought really hard about it & told her, it was most likely always having to play to be drunk and getting aware of how u might act or seem to others, when you are really drunk. And also another funny press conference detail: Reporter to Rob: "So, what kind of girls r u interested in more - the ones who r hard 2 get for you or the ones u can get easily?" Christoph Waltz: "Ahm, Rob can get every girl easily...!"

We posted the video already but here's the YouTube version of the press conference

via Robstenation
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