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Here it is...your moment of Robert Pattinson

Here it is...your moment of Robert Pattinson

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ROBsessed's 30 Days for Rob's 30 Years: When Robert Pattinson was Jacob!

ROBsessed's 30 Days for Rob's 30 Years: When Robert Pattinson was Jacob!

Nah, not that Jacob! The Water for Elephants Jacob :-)  I loved that movie for a few reasons... the most obvious being Rob, but also a sweet story and a wonderful four legged cast as well.

 photo 30days.RobertPattinson.WFE 2.gif  
   photo 30days.RobertPattinson.WFE 4.jpg  photo 30days.RobertPattinson.WFE 5.jpg  photo 30days.RobertPattinson.WFE 13.jpg
 photo 30days.RobertPattinson.WFE 1.gif 
   photo 30days.RobertPattinson.WFE 8.jpg 
   photo 30days.RobertPattinson.WFE 9.jpg  photo 30days.RobertPattinson.WFE 6.jpg  photo 30days.RobertPattinson.WFE 11.jpg  photo 30days.RobertPattinson.WFE 12.jpg 
 photo 30days.RobertPattinson.WFE 3.gif   photo 30days.RobertPattinson.WFE 10.jpg   

Here Is..... Your Morning Wake Up Call With Robert Pattinson

Here Is..... Your Morning Wake Up Call With Robert Pattinson

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Here Is....... Your Morning Wake Up Call With Robert Pattinson

Here Is....... Your Morning Wake Up Call With Robert Pattinson

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GIF Thanks To FeistyAngel

What is it like to win a meet and greet with Robert Pattinson?

Have you ever wondered what it is like to win a meet and greet with Robert Pattinson?

After Kate's post revisiting Rob's appearance on The Graham Norton show we were contacted by a lucky fan who had been at the show .... AND had been the winner of a 'Meet and Greet with Robert Pattinson'.  Lynne has very kindly shared with us all what it is like to win a meeting with Rob.

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The day MTV UK telephoned me to tell me I’d won their competition, which was a Meet & Greet with Robert Pattinson plus tickets to the premiere of Water for Elephants in London, I think I honestly went into shock. I had already luckily got tickets for the Graham Norton show interview with Rob and Reese that I was very much looking forward to going to, so I was planning on a trip to London anyway.

The MTV prize included a night’s stay at the Hilton Hotel in Kensington with a private car taking me to the Connaught Hotel in London’s Mayfair. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

I checked into the Hilton in Kensington and got picked up by the car to take me to the Mayfair hotel. I’ve never been so nervous in all my life, literally felt like I would throw up. When I arrived at the Hotel, the prize winners were taken into the function room to be briefed about security etc and were told that Rob was running late for the premiere and it would be a group photo only due to time constraints with no autographs. The winners group was placed at the back of the room to set up the photographs and I was put in back row, in the middle as I was one of the taller ones there. A stand-in person then stood in the place where Rob would stand to set up the shot for the photographer. We were told that Rob would come into the room and pose with us for photos but he would have to leave soon afterwards to get to the premiere.

It was a very tense wait and everyone was quiet and incredibly nervous. The security surrounding Rob was quite overwhelming, it was definitely a VIP moment. Rob came into the room with a shy swagger, his hands in his pockets with a big smile and said a quiet "hi" to everyone. We all nervously said hi back and he went to stand in his pre-designated spot amongst the group. My first impressions were how young he looked and how slim and tall in the black suit he wore for the premiere and his shock of crazy messy auburn hair (he’d just finished filming Breaking Dawn 1 & 2). He stood in his place but he stood more in front of me so I was a bit hidden behind him. I leant forward and jokingly said "don't hide me Rob". He didn’t realize I was in a bad position where I was standing and he smiled and said "come here" and guided me forward to his side and put his arm round my waist. The photographer started taking some shots. I also put my arm round his back. By the way, he smelt very nice too, freshly showered. I’m pretty sure I felt him shaking slightly through his suit jacket, I’m sure the prospect of an imminent red carpet would do that.

After the photographs, the room was really quiet, but as I was standing closest to Rob he asked me if I was going to the premiere. Part of the prize was two tickets to the premiere but I had planned to go to the Graham Norton show interview instead and I couldn’t make both but didn’t have the heart to tell him that. I said I had seen the movie already (I saw a preview showing the week before) and thought it was brilliant and that he was amazing in it. He was very sweet and smiled, raised his eyebrows and shyly said “oh really? thanks”. Dream moment, having Rob himself ask you what you thought of his work. He wasn’t able to stay and give autographs as there were a lot of us and he was running late for his premiere at Westfields. There was some more cute fan interaction when Rob was given a ‘signed by Van Morrison’ CD of Brown Eyed Girl - which he seemed surprised and grateful for. His team moved him out of the room and he was gone as quickly as he arrived, leaving us all kind of dazed in a “did that really just actually happen?” way.

I had very little time to get to the studios for the Graham Norton show to get a decent seat, but I jumped in a taxi and made a mad dash across London managing to get seats in the middle of the studio & then spent a wonderful 45 minutes + of watching Rob being interviewed with Reese. After the day I’d had, I didn’t want it to ever end.

A week or so later, I was sent two of the HQ photos from the Meet & Greet by the organizers. There were many more photos actually taken on the day, so I’d love to see the outtakes but these were the only two they sent. The whole day was one I’ll never forget, I feel privileged to have had the chance to experience it.

image host

I'm now entering every competition ever!! Are you wishing you had been Lynne too? Rob has fans all over the world and many may feel they would never get the chance to see Rob in person. So a big thank you to Lynne for sharing her story with us so we can all share a little in her experience.

Thanks Lynne for sharing your story with us!

Blast From The Past: Robert Pattinson On The Graham Norton Show

Blast From The Past: Robert Pattinson On The Graham Norton Show

PJ mentioned on twitter the other day that she was looking at Rob on The Graham Norton Show with Reese Witherspoon during Water For Elephants promo back from 2011.
As it's one of my FAVOURITE Rob talk show appearances it inspired me to do a Blast From The Past.i

I sincerely hope that we get to see Rob on this show again because his interview was just gold.
I'd love to have seen him on the couch with Guy Pearce and David Michod during The Rover promo.
How much fun would that have been?

 photo RobBeer-1.png

Make yourself comfy (maybe grab a beer?) and relive the interview below. It has some classic Rob.
Check it out AFTER THE CUT along with some gorgeous HQ's but don't hold us responsible if this happens .....

  photo Boom.gif

Robert Pattinson is so good to his fans

Here's another story from the ROBsessed archives that shows just how good Robert Pattinson is to the fans that come out to support his films.  This fan's story os from the 'Water for Elephants' premiere in New York.

Read the story below this cute picture that explains why Rob looks so surprised ...

 photo RobertPattinsonWFENYCPrem1.jpg

"In the middle of the night, all of us who were literally suffering outdoors got a pizza delivery. They told us that it was from Rob, Reese and Christoph.

When it was finally time to meet Rob, I was in the first row with camera and phone in hand (Also a poster I wanted Rob to sign). Everyone around me was telling him "you're so nice," "you're so handsome," and I was paralized as I saw just how beautiful he is. When I finally had him in front of me, all I could think of saying was: "Rob, thanks for the pizza that you sent fans last night” and his reaction is the picture at the top.

There's no doubt that he didn't know what I was talking about, but I love him for being so nice and genuine. His expression will stay with me forever. He then signed my poster with that precious smile of his. 
I can tell you Rob is a very patient man. He never complained as he signed tons of posters and took pictures with fans."

 photo RobertPattinsonWFENYCPrem4.jpg

 photo RobertPattinsonWFENYCPrem3.jpg

 photo RobertPattinsonWFENYCPrem2.jpg

Everyone always says Rob tries to sign autographs and take pictures with as many people as he can in the fan lines.  Have you ever seen how generous Rob is with us fans at premieres?


Robert Pattinson is so good to his fans ... and we fans love him for it

We love how thoughtful and kind Robert Pattinson is to all of us ROBsessed fans and so we are sharing some these fan encounters you may have missed from the past.

This girls story is so sweet ... you can just feel how excited she was to see Rob at the Water for Elephants premiere in New York in 2011.

image host

The Story!

So we planned on going to the WFE Premier for weeks in advanced and figured it would be easy to get to see him boy was I wrong. The night before the WFE Premiere we happen to find out about THE LINE of over 200 people that were trying to get wrist bands. We weren’t even leaving PA until Sunday Morning! On Sunday my friends and I (who by the way it was our 3rd time driving to NY in hopes to get a simple glimpse at Robert) had plans to get up at about 5 and be on our way by 6am .. I didn’t even get up until 6:15 cause I was dreaming I was already there and I was in Happy, Happy land, anyway when I got up I quickly showered and ran out the door to meet my Friends.

We drove into NJ Port to ride into the city by bus. Of course the bus was late and when the next bus got there it was so full we had to wait for yet another bus. By this time we are more than an hour behind schedule (our goal was to be there before 9) . So we got to the city as soon as we pulled up in front of the Ziegfeld one of the security guards saw us getting out of the cab and said right in front of us. “we are cutting it off right here” we begged the guy for the 2nd VIP, of course they don’t care about anything and said no. After tears of sadness we decided we are not budging in hopes we could at least get a single glimpse of Rob.

We sat and waited and happened to recognize a couple from one of the fan sites on FB and twitter that did have the VIP pass and we told them our sob story lol. We kept in the area the rest of the morning just waiting in hopes. At about 1pm we started to gather near the VIP area just so we could have a our far spot but in good view. That’s when we happened to cross paths again with the fan site group and she was exited that her husband was able to get access into the Press box and she told us she had something for us!!!!! IT WAS A FREAKING VIP PASS!

We cried our tears of joy and thanked her like a Zillion times up until we realized there was 1 pass and 3 of us! After just staring and thinking we decided to compromise, one would get the experience and get the autograph but, then we would have to give up the autograph to the one that stayed behind. My Friend Wendy decided she would go- I get to keep her autograph. (TEARS!!! SNIFF, SNIFF) but it was the deal we made. About 10 min into getting into the VIP access area she felt sick and got scared she would end up throwing up on Rob so she said No You go!!!!!! (you didn’t have to tell me twice) I got into the VIP area like 3 rows back and hoped and prayed he would come by our side and I could at least get a picture of the oh so HANDSOME GOODLOOKING BEAUTIFUL Robert Pattinson !!!!

I waited a good 3 hrs without budging! And then the security guard told us shhh! don’t yell yet but HE is 4 cars away!!! OMG! I was already floating! When I saw Rob hop out of the car I though this is not real pinch me someone!! Oh I got pinched alright and pushed and shoved and squished LOL! And don’t ask me how but I got to the front banister, screaming, crying shaking all emotion you can think of I had it !!!! There HE WAS less then 15 feet from me! Oh God I thought I would faint! Its true you know, He is very, very handsome in person! The aura he gave was just amazing! He looked so beautiful!! I was in a daze. When he got a bit closer I heard him talk OMG I was done for! The accent!! Then my hands failed me. My picture for my autograph the poster and sharpie everything went right to the ground. After what I thought was an eternity of trying to get my stuff together he was right there in front of me!!! I thought IS THIS REAL LIFE???

I asked him for the autograph and snapped like 100 shots of him and then out of no where I got the guts and said “ can I please, please, please get a picture with you !” and before I knew it he was crouching down like a foot from me!!!!! And posing for the picture All I kept thinking was oh God please don’t let me chop off our heads while trying to get this picture please let me have at lease our faces in the shot! Well the picture turned out great and I asked him for another autograph and he was so sweet to give it to me ( so now I got my own and the one I had to give up). I must admit I professed my love to Robert at least 125 times and got like 50 great shots of him as he slowly walked away!!!

Oh this was by turned out to be a great day for me I will never ever forget how handsome and dreamy he was!

Don't you love how excited she was?


Here it is...your moment of Robert Pattinson

Here it is...your moment of Robert Pattinson

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New/Old Fan Pic Of Robert Pattinson From The 'Water For Elephants' London Premiere

New/Old Fan Pic Of Robert Pattinson From The 'Water For Elephants' London Premiere

This throwback from the 'Water From Elephants' London Premiere is new to us.

Hello Handsome.

 photo RobertPattinsonWFEPremiereLondon-1.jpg

Click for Larger

 photo RobertPattinsonWFEPremiereLondon.jpg

 photo ovaries-3.gif


New/Old Gorgeous Pic of Robert Pattinson From 2011

 New/Old Gorgeous Pic of Robert Pattinson From 2011

This fabulous pic of Rob from the Water For Elephants Press Junket in LA that popped up on instagram.
Nothing like a bit of Vintage Rob to brighten up a Monady ;)
What a lucky, lucky lady!

 photo WFERobertPattinsonFanPic.jpg

Caption on Pic:
"Another oldie #robertpattinson #fourseasons #2011 #hollywood #instaworld"

Thanks PJ!

Torture Tuesday: Robert Pattinson was the best Tyler, the best Jacob, the best Georges, but.....

Torture Tuesday: Robert Pattinson was the best Tyler, the best Jacob, the best Georges, but.....

It's Tuesday! Have you missed me?

 photo shakeshead.gif

Awww don't be like that. You know you love Torture Tuesday.

 photo NOPE.gif

TOO BAD!!! Because your grumbles keep this day going. ;) Where shall I begin....

Yesterday, we found out that Rob was no longer going to be a part of Mission: Blacklist. I'm totally fine with this for reasons I shared in the comments but the one thing I am sad about is we lost a film with Rob in the lead and well, Rob as a lead......

 photo wantwhatwewant.gif

This made me think about Rob taking on leading roles after he snagged Twilight yet before he became the KING OF CANNES with Cosmopolis...

In Remember Me, he was the charming and troubled Tyler, breaking our hearts and making us fall for him just like Ally.

 photo cuteface.gif photo tease.gif

In Water For Elephants, he was the compassionate, sweet Jacob, making us again fall in love with him like Rosie and Marlena.

 photo SadRobowski-1.gif

In Bel Ami, he was back to charming and troubled....actually Troubled with a capital T. And this time, you were definitely in danger if you fell for poor Virginie here.

 photo MadDuRob4.gif photo MadDuRob2.gif photo MadDuRob1.gif

Rob would go on to knock it all out of the park in Cosmopolis as the leading man and start his reign as the KING OF CANNES but what do you think about these three leading roles/characters during the Twilight years? Great you say? Fantastic? Rob was the complete embodiment of Tyler/Jacob/Georges? Well what if I asked you this....

heheheheeeeee....happy Torture Tuesday!
 photo ScrunchySmiles.gif

New/Old pictures of Robert Pattinson from Entertainment Weekly's Water For Elephants shoot

New/Old pictures of Robert Pattinson from Entertainment Weekly's Water For Elephants shoot

Better quality older pics after the cut!

New/Old Gorgeous Robert Pattinson "Water For Elephants" Set Pics

New/Old Gorgeous Robert Pattinson "Water For Elephants" Set Pics

I love when gems like this pop up. Here's Rob with Aleksandra Kaniak & Ilia Volok who played his Mum & Dad in "Water for Elephants".
Hmmmm it looks like Rob is having a bit of button trouble.

 photo RobertPattinsonWaterForElephantsSetPic1.jpg

I see you Rob ...........

 photo RobertPattinsonWaterForElephantsSetPic2.jpg

Source via Lurker 1510/RobPattMoms

365 Days of Robert Pattinson: June 21 ~ Rob Dancing

365 Days of Robert Pattinson: June 21 ~ Rob Dancing

I MAY have cheated a bit today, I couldn't limit it to just one pic.

 photo Smile.gif

But I don't think you'll mind. Enjoy!


 photo jamming.gif

"He’s not really dancing but i loved this and think he was about to get his groove on before ole girl turned around. methinks he was heading here…"

 photo dancingleo.gif


"I kinda cheated today, sorry not sorry ;-} I couldn’t pick just one. I really tried but each gif was nicer than the next. At least they’re all form the same movie! (and look at the little mole on his neck……… DEAD)"

 photo DancingRob5.gif  photo DancingRob1.gif  photo DancingRob3.gif  photo DancingRob4.gif photo DancingRob2.gif


I'll update with Kat's when she posts

Click the thumbnail if you need to review the June calendar. If you missed the whole year, there's a link on the sidebar :)

 photo June-1.jpg

If you post your 365DoR links in the comments, give us time to approve them so the DR can see :)
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