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All ROBsesseds think Robert Pattinson is awesome: 30 Days of Rob for Rob's 30th Year

ROBsesseds think Robert Pattinson is awesome: 30 Days of Rob for Rob's 30th Year

Right back at the start of May we challenged you, our readers, to list your reasons that Rob is awesome. You've seen the things that the mods have chosen but did we pick your favourites?  Here are the lists I found in the comments ... (hope I didn't miss yours)!

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#HandinHairRob (appears when Rob is nervous or annoyed or bored)
#PianoHandsRob (I call it "tea pouring hands," sue me)
#WishWeWeretheBottleRob (appears when Rob drinks a beverage during a pub outing, interviews, Q&As, and especially during press conferences at Cannes)
#KindaWishWeWeretheFoodStuckinRob'sBeardRob (This #Rob is a sub-#Rob of #BeardySexBeastRob)
#HipsterHairRob (Never Forget: when Rob had a mushroom cut with a shaved head except for a single rectangle of hair)
#GagafortwigsRob (Never Forget: Rob's gaga eyes for twigs when they went shopping in Paris or especially gazing into each other's eyes at the Comedy Store or at the MET Gala or at Coachella)
#NaughtyRob (Never Forget: Rob grabbing twigs' tush on the way to the gym)
#Hipster Rob (Rob is a hipster, even if he denies the label lol, there's nothing wrong with being a hipster)
#VisiblyAnnoyedbutStillPoliteRob (Makes appearances during interviews and when surrounded by paparazzi)
#HoodieHidingRob (spotted on the streets of LA, NYC and London)
#RobIsBadAtTakingSelfiesRob (appears when fans ask Rob to hold the camera and take the selfie with them)
#Trollbert (Never Forget: during the first Unscripted for Twilight, Kristen said she couldn't live without her cat and Rob replied "Your cat's going to die.")
#FunnyFaceRob (appears in photos where Rob is in-between facial expressions. This particular #Rob creates unflattering, but amusing photos of Rob's otherwise romantically and aristocratically beautiful face)
#FartFaceRob (This #Rob is a sub-#Rob of #FunnyFaceRob)
#MindfulRob (for example, he wore black spandex under his swim trunks at the Miami resort with twigs so the paps couldn't see up his shorts)
#DrunkRob (Never Forget: his drunk gorgeousness when leaving a pub right before Twilight hit in 2008. I think it was the same night a crazy woman tried to kiss him in the accompanying pap video)
My favorite #Robs are #MoleRob, #FunnyFaceRob, #BeardySexBeastRob, #GagafortwigsRob, #NaughtyRob, and #Trollbert.
Join in with your #Robs

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30 awesome things about Robert Pattinson
1) His easy smile & the twinkle in his eyes when he smiles
2) His hearty laugh
3) his love for his friends. Such loyalty ..seems he would do anything to help & support them.
4) His affection for his family...they seem very close, affectionate to each other.
5) His fearlessness in changing--this looks, his career, his life
6) His compassion with other people. He treats everyone with equal kindness& respect, regardless of who they are.
7) His love for animals. That says a lot about a man.
8) His work ethic--everyone who works with him comments about how strong this is.
9) His determination to better himself, to develop his acting talents.
10) His musical ability & his love for music
11) The fact that he loves to read & picks challenging books to immerse himself in during his free time.
12) His kindness & respect for women.
13) He looks into people's eyes when he has even the briefest encounters with them. He listens.
14) His wonderful dry sense of humor.
15) He's beautiful but doesn't use that as a crutch.
16) His eyes are lovely & very expressive...
17) He's imperfectly perfect--his nose is not straight, his face is asymmetrical--but that makes him unique, even more beautiful.
18) He's tall & lean.
19) It's nice that he's learning the value of working out & eating right now....and quit smoking.
20) He's making smart choices...about his career, who he works with...& his life. His charity work.
21) He's cultivating relationships, networking with people he wants to work with, staying his course.
22) His love for film & his devotion to it as an art form.
23) His growing interest in how he dresses & of fashion, in general.
24) His photo shoots are phenomenal...not only is he photogenic but he doesn't just settle for the ordinary--has unique ideas
25) His work with excellent company & their work together is first class,
26) His need for privacy & not to share the intimate details of his life..not in it for the fame.
27) His hairy chest...if only he'd show it off more! ;)
28) The characters he chooses to portray--always interesting! The way he immerses himself in them.
29) The wonky way his legs move sometimes...his strange sense of rhythm when he dances...hope to see more dancing, too!
30) I've loved being able to see him grow as a performer & as a person over these past eight years. He has matured well in all ways....I look forward to being a fan for many years & being able to see where he goes & what he does....Still so young.

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1. His family is his number 1 priority
2. He has no ego
3. The loyalty of his friends who protect him
4. He hasn't had his teeth straightened
5. His casual clothes that he keeps for years
6. The beat-up cars he drives (occasionally)
7. His love of animals and that they seem to love him
8. He likes children
9. He's moved back to London (yay!!)
10. He reads books
11. He's not on social media
12. He doesn't sell his private life
13. His music (apart from Death Grips - urgh)
14. His singing voice
15. His love of independent film makers and his support of them
16. He is happy to take small roles in films
17. Every director he's worked with loves him
18. Everyone who has worked with him has great things to say about him
19. Jack Whitehall (dick) hates him because he's jealous of Rob's success
20. He takes risks
21. He supports charities
22. He rides bikes in big cities
23. He drinks beer
24. He wears odd socks
25. His hair grows incredibly fast
26. He's got a beautiful speaking voice
27. He's always polite - even when you can tell he's gritting his teeth
28. His talent as an actor
29. His beautiful face and gorgeous smile
30. He's just a lovely guy.
These are my thirty, but not necessarily in the right order

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1. his family and friends they come first
2. down too earth, and never complacent
3. he is a gifted musician
4. brilliant actor
5. an animal lover
6.a great sense of humor
7. gives too charities and donates his time
8. (and as Joan says) YAY!! he moved back too London!!
9. He is well respected, by his colleagues
10.He is a fan of 70's music(Rock and Roll) which I love too.. and a fan of Van Morrison
11.He hates too work out(ha ha ha ha ha) but has too I have heard him say that LOL!
12.He is for real,
13.He is honest and truthful
14. He is shy(SO cute)
15. intelligent,
16. He is a risk taker, that is what comes, with being a awesome actor
17. He is well mannered, and polite... His parents raised him right!
18. I would love too give Clare' some roses, and Richard, a bottle of champagne for having this beautiful man
19. He loves baseball caps *Note too self,* IF I ever finally get too meet him,(At a premiere) I will give him a GSW(cap)
20. He is a collector of guitars(I have NO idea if they are vintage?)
21. He is very stylish but, he has kept the same clothes that he had for years... But of late, he has been dressing, a little bit more stylish, BUT very casual at the same time...
22. He loves, the beaches, and loves too surf, or boogie board(with a paddle)
23. He loves too travel, he has told Ellen on her show, that he drove ALL the way too freakin Texas! hahhahaha!
24. He is a great story teller they are so funny and priceless
25. He has a beautiful speaking voice
26. he has, a beautiful laugh,
27. he has a beautiful smile
28. he is perfection, from head to toe
29. he has a beautiful singing voice
30. he is going to be 30 one week from this Friday YAY! :~) I did it!

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His work ethic
Loyalty to his family, friends and work colleagues
long fingers
button fly jeans
Sanpaku eyes
lack of verbal filter
His sense of humour
His ability to laugh at himself
Wonky walk
Film knowledge
Patience with annoying fans
Happy trail
Hairy everything
I'll come back with some more later :)))

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There are so many things that make Rob awesome...
His laugh,
his smile,
the way he speaks,
his walk,
his hair,
his loyalty to his friends,
his closeness with his family,
the way he dresses,
his singing voice,
the way he loses himself in his music,
the way he tackles every new character, picking out roles he wants to play,
fulfilling his choice of directors to work with,
he is respected by those he meets and works with,
the fact that animals live him too,
his stories when interviewed,
his generosity of time to charities,
the time he gives his fans,
the way he wears his beanie and baseball cap,
the way fame has not changed him....
Rob is awesome inside and out ❤️❤️❤️

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A few things I admire about Rob:
- Very well-read
-Intelligent, without taking himself too seriously.
-Admires and respects strong, intelligent women.
-Quirky and eclectic tastes
-Artistic soul
-bold and daring, while simultaneously being shy, unassuming and humble.
-an eager student of his craft and cinefile
-Risk taker with his career choices
- Seems unpretentious
-Crinkly eyes when he smiles
-long jacket paired with sex scarf with and without the cap was a particularly flattering look. Just sayin
-kinda enjoy NYRob (Citibike Rob??!)
-Displays chivalrous behaviors
-Sense of humor
-Values family and close friends
-Variety of his film characters. Not just playing different versions of the same character.
-His charisma on screen.
-His voice

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# Respectful
# Kind
# Loyal
# Protective of those he cares about
# Though he says he hates the red carpet, he works it with class
# Excellent Ninja skills
# Great sense of humour (a definite)
# Seems to put others at ease
# Joyful personality radiates through him
# Work ethic
# Humble
# Eyes,eyes, eyes. Love his eyes so much.
# His loooooong legs
# His smile that reaches his eyes
# Love his ability to bring his characters to life.
I add his good natured willingness to be involved in charity events eg. Red Nose, Ice Bucket Challenge and of course Go Campaign and I'm sure there's others
Also his effort to set free the baby alligator Hollywood was very touching.

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Well let's see...
1. Killer basketball player..."I'm dominating". You sure are sweetie (and you just stay in your lane LeBron)
2. Foodie...knows a fine hunk of meat when he's sees it (I'm talking to you In N Out)
3. Politically astute...was pumped up to run out and vote for Obama on Election Day '08, then realized he couldn't cause he wasn't a citizen (but the thought was sweet)
4. Self deprecating...led the mockery parade on the director's cut of Twilight (stinking hilarious)
5. Candid...admitted to reading his fan fiction (a lot of them do but he's the only one to cop to it)
(am I doing this right? Nah, prolly not)
6. Generous...parked cars, took an ice cold shower, wore a red nose and bought a violin (for thousands) made out of refuse, all for charity
7. Confident...blew off his female co-star and ran into the audience on national television to kiss his male co-star instead
8. Animal lover...let an elephant pick him up her mouth (and they hadn't even been on a date yet)
9. Maverick...walked away from the Hollywood machine to go make some really interesting shit
10. Loyal...wore the Stoli shirt till it disintegrated off his back.

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The kindness showing in his eyes...the hints he gives us that there is an extremely beautiful mind inside that handsome head of his.... his social intelligence.... his choices speaking of passion and artistic limits when it comes to his creartivity - visionary!.... the bravery to always challenge himself... his wonderful sense of humour, wit and easy laugh...his humbleness....the open-mindedness... the liveliness of his facial expressions... his inner strength....his voice... his musical skills...that he is so well read...the little "stories" he invents to give us something to think of, if true or not ;-)....the shape of his eyes&eyebrows when he laughs....and yes of course it wouldn´t be me if I didn´t mention the left inner eyecorner ;-) PS: the adorable way he cooked spaghetti in RM, that might totally be him in RL lol

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For me, I would like to see each one of his characters he has played to showcase his awesome work🎬🎥. Second, we all know he has a super fine awesome body, so that's one, well more than one if you break it down to parts. Lol!😃 Third, his awesome sense of humor(his goofy😨😋😲😝 faces, lol!😃). Fourth, his awesome generosity and caring towards charity groups. Fifth, the looks he gives, the smiles, laughs, grins, bedroom eyes(that make you lose your mind), smirks, etc..... Ok, I could go forever, but I'll stop, that's probably more than 30 anyways.😆

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1: His unflappable optimism
2: His gentleness in love
3: His being unconditionally visionary
4: His independence and inner strength
5: His sexy manly tenderness.
6: His futuristic and open mind
7 His physicality
8 His incredible desire to experience new things
9 His boyish character.
10 His chivalry
11His veins on his forehead and his Amazing face! 😜

Thank you for your wonderful comments and joining us in celebrating Rob's 30th birthday!

ROBsessed's 30 Days for Rob's 30 Years: Robert Pattinson and his BFF's

ROBsessed's 30 Days for Rob's 30 Years: Robert Pattinson and his BFF's

You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. You can tell even more about a person by the length of time they've kept that company. Rob and his talented mates, together before the fame and still supporting each other all these years after.

If they were ten year old girls you just know they'd have matching BFF bracelets from Claire's... chances are high they really do!!

 photo friends.robertpattinson 2.jpg 
  photo friends.robertpattinson 11.jpg  photo friends.robertpattinson 9.jpg  photo friends.robertpattinson 10.jpg  photo friends.robertpattinson 6.jpg
   photo friends.robertpattinson 8.jpg 
 photo friends.robertpattinson 3.jpg  photo friends.robertpattinson 4.jpg  photo friends.robertpattinson 1.png  photo friends.robertpattinson 12.jpg  photo friends.robertpattinson 7.jpg

ROBsessed's 30 Days for Rob's 30 Years: Robert Pattinson brings sexy back

ROBsessed's 30 Days for Rob's 30 Years: Robert Pattinson brings sexy back

In the past we've heard Rob say his back is too long and how he thinks he has an extra vertebra. But it looks pretty good to us!! We couldn't help but notice moles, muscles and more ...

image host image host image host image host image host image host

ROBsessed's 30 Days for Rob's 30 Years: Robert Pattinson was an awesome Edward Cullen

ROBsessed's 30 Days for Rob's 30 Years: Robert Pattinson was an awesome Edward Cullen

 photo giphy.gif

YES YOU ARE!!!! *swooning begins*

 photo Edward.jpg photo Edward.gif

There he is. Our guy playing the role that sparked the beginning of ROBsession for so so many of us. It all began here...

 photo Edward14.gif

From the brood to the dazzle to the crooked smile and beyond, Rob was our Edward through and through. There will never be another and his awesome portrayal will make you swoon time and time again. Let us take a trip down nostalgia road! WARNING: Watch out for that inevitable goofy grin stuck on your face while scrolling because nosy folks will want to see what's got you beaming....and drooling...

 photo RobertPattinsonEdward.jpg
 photo tumblr_mzlvfdRmXT1r9lypbo1_500.gif
 photo NakedChest2.gif photo Edwardsmile.gif
 photo Edward-edward-cullen-23130719-500-208.gif
 photo EdwardTwilight.jpg
 photo RobwardUHQ.jpg photo Eclipseward.jpg photo EdwardRobert.jpg photo RobertPattinsonEdwardUHQUntaggedBD2-1.jpg


ROBsessed's 30 Days for Rob's 30 Years: Robert Pattinson Is Awesome To Work With

ROBsessed's 30 Days for Rob's 30 Years: Robert Pattinson Is Awesome To Work With

Over the years there have been NUMEROUS posts here on Robsessed from people who have worked with Rob (from co-stars to directors & producers to photgraphers) all saying how awesome it has been working with him and just what an awesome guy he is in general.

When I went diving into the archives to put this compilation post together I got lost down the rabbit hole and loved looking back on all the wonderful things people had to say about him.
So take my advice and go make a cuppa and get comfortable before you start reading. You're going to be here for a while.


 Sarah Gadon
 photo NEWStillwithRobertPattinsonSarahGadon.jpg

“I love what Rob (Pattinson) did in Cosmopolis…on the outside he’s all ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’, but he’s very smart….I get along really well with all my leading men.

"Um, what is Rob really good at? He's good at a lot of things! I think he was really great as Eric Packer. And I think that was one thing that kind of surprised me, because I didn't really know him very well. And in real life he's very kind of... I mean, you heard him in the press conference: he's British and he's self-deprecating and he's much more self-conscious [than his character].
And then all of a sudden he put on his suit, and this American accent would come out, and he would be so sure of himself and so powerful! And direct! And it was amazing to me to see that transformation of going from himself into Eric Packer. And I think that there's few, few guys right now in the industry who can pull off that kind of powerful masculinity at such a young age."

"He was refreshingly normal,and perhaps shockingly deeply concerned about the development of his career"

Julianne Moore
“[Co-star Robert Pattinson] is one of those people whose affect is so dissimilar to who he is. He has this gorgeous face and he seems like he’s going to be very remote and very serious. But he’s not. He’s incredibly chatty, fun, and smart.”

“Robert’s looks belie who he is inside. He has this formidable, very beautiful face. He’s such a gorgeous guy. He looks like he would be remote, but the minute I met him, he was very chatty. He’s very funny. He’s knowledgeable about film. He loves acting, actors and movies.

“Robert talked the entire time. I have to say I was shocked because I didn’t expect it. I mean, he’s so friendly, truly delightful, smart and talented. I loved him right away!”"

David Michôd
"I immediately liked him." "Not just affable but available guy, obviously intelligent."

" He’s quite beautiful, but strange and very open. When I knew that The Rover was going to be the next movie and I started testing for it, Rob was at the top of my list for people I wanted to see. He came in and demonstrated to me immediately that he was a really interesting actor."

Around the 15:13 mark

“He has a really beguiling physical energy, clearly smart, and he was actively seeking out directors whose work he liked.” 

"We met, I appreciated him a lot and then, he did some screen tests for me, awesome tests, full of life, never forced or artificial and then it was done. And there's something very exciting to have the opportunity to show to the whole world that a star, who was understimated and reduced to a certain image, has in fact a treasure of unexploited talent. I quickly notice that Rob is a great actor. And I'm looking forward to everyone seeing that."

“Rob is REMARKABLE”.  

"Rob is a “really smart guy and he knows exactly what he wants to do to build the career that he wants”.  Rob was “incredibly hardworking and a fun guy to work with, he’s a really good actor”.  Of course Rob thinks he’s a really bad actor, but it wasn’t long before I realised that “that was Rob’s schtick”." 

ROBsessed's 30 Days for Rob's 30 Years: Robert Pattinson - Awesome Photoshoots

ROBsessed's 30 Days for Rob's 30 Years: Robert Pattinson - Awesome Photoshoots

If there's one thing we can guarantee it's that Rob's magazine photoshoots won't ever disappoint! He seems willing to step out of his comfort zone, go for something a little out there... and for that, we thank him sincerely! Here's to many more... *clink*

 photo robertpattinsonps12.jpg  photo robertpattinsonps14.jpg  photo robertpattinsonps6.jpg  photo robertpattinsonps9.jpg   
 photo robertpattinsonps20.jpg  photo robertpattinsonps7.jpg  photo robertpattinsonps16.jpg
 photo robertpattinsonps21.jpg  photo robertpattinsonps18.jpg
 photo robertpattinsonps17.jpg  photo robertpattinsonps3.jpg  photo ewot2-1.jpg  photo robertpattinsonps8.jpg  
 photo RobertPattinsonVanityFair2-1-1.jpg 
 photo Robert_Pattinson_Premiere_HQ_Untagged_Pics_2.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonScan2.jpg  photo RobertPattinsonOuttakes384.jpg 
   photo OCt20124.jpg
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