ROBsessed's 30 Days for Rob's 30 Years: Robert Pattinson was an awesome Edward Cullen

ROBsessed's 30 Days for Rob's 30 Years: Robert Pattinson was an awesome Edward Cullen

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YES YOU ARE!!!! *swooning begins*

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There he is. Our guy playing the role that sparked the beginning of ROBsession for so so many of us. It all began here...

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From the brood to the dazzle to the crooked smile and beyond, Rob was our Edward through and through. There will never be another and his awesome portrayal will make you swoon time and time again. Let us take a trip down nostalgia road! WARNING: Watch out for that inevitable goofy grin stuck on your face while scrolling because nosy folks will want to see what's got you beaming....and drooling...

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GAH. Amen, Robward. We are more than willing to start with forever when it comes to you in any capacity. I will always love this role. I love several of Rob's performances but I love this character. There's a difference. That's in large part because of the books - knowing this character through 4 novels and the precious, scared partial-Midnight Sun. I knew and fell for Edward before Rob and I'm grateful towards Rob for making the beloved character leap off the page and come to life beyond my imagination.
He was perfection. He was awesome. He WAS Edward Cullen. 
*having forgotten to fasten seatbelt in swooning chair, collapses into a mess of girl with feels on the floor*


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