ROBsessed's 30 Days for Rob's 30 Years: Its awesome that Robert Pattinson remained so humble and down to earth

ROBsessed's 30 Days for Rob's 30 Years: Its awesome that Rob remained so humble and down to earth.  Rob has certainly known screaming fans and lots of attention over the years ...

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... and yet Rob never let that go to his head or adopt Hollywood diva behaviour.  Just some of the quotes from directors and coworkers   

Bel Ami director, Declan Donnellan, talks about humble Robert Pattinson: "He never played, 'I'm Mr. Twilight.'"

'The Rover' Director David Michod:
“With Rob it’s Beatlemania,” he says.

“But it’s been one of the great, sort of most rewarding things for me about this whole experience is realising that the guy who’s at the centre of this bizarre bubble is actually a really wonderful gentle, humble, interesting, funny human being.”

Michael Sheen Says Robert Pattinson Is Hardworking, Pleasant & Very Humble
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is upon us. You have worked with Robert Pattinson in New Moon. What is he like, and do you see him being able to break free of the role of Edward?
I’m sure he’s not going to have any trouble himself personally, it’s whether the audience will accept him as something else. We’ll see. He certainly has the desire to stretch herself as an actor and try different things. He has a [different] film out at the moment, doesn’t he?

Yes, Remember Me, which is really good.
So I hear. I don’t think he’ll have any trouble. He’ll probably always be Edward Cullen for a whole generation, but I’m sure he won’t have any trouble doing that. And he’s lovely. He’s a very nice English lad who seems to have both feet on the ground. He’s very humble, very pleasant and hard-working. He takes what he does very seriously. I think he’s going to do very well, that young lad. 

Pierce Brosnan says Rob has a good heart and is humble
Pierce Brosnan, who describes Pattinson as:“a young man who has been catapulted into the stratosphere of fame. As far as I can tell, he has a good heart, he's humble, and he was very brave when he chose the role of Tyler, because he’s carrying the weight from Twilight, literally breathing on his neck. It’s up to him to choose interesting roles to film in between filming blockbuster movies”
Lee Pace (Garrett in Breaking Dawn) calls Rob charming and humble.
"The thing about [Rob] that is so charming is what you see is what you get," Pace said. "He is as charming and humble and handsome as he presents himself. Totally what you see is what you get with him."

Rob's stunt double in Twilight Paul Darnell says how humble and hard working Rob is.
How did you react when Robert Pattinson thanked you for his Twilight “Best Fight” MTV Movie Award? Can you share your experience in filming that scene?

First let me say that Robert Pattinson is an amazingly humble person and a very hard worker. He works very hard and shows up to every rehearsal. The last battle scene in Twilight was very intense. Many of the stunts involved hard hits with wires and crashes which are so much fun to do! Without risking personal injury to Rob, I ended up doing the majority of stunts in the final battle which won the award.

I was at a friend's house and I started getting text messages and phone calls from friends saying "I think Rob Pattinson just thanked you on national TV". I was really stoked and also a little confused by the "I think" part. Immediately I went online and found a video of Rob's speech where he gave me credit for the award but said the wrong last name. To his credit, someone had misspelled my name on a photo shoot for LA Magazine and my wrong last name was plastered all over the internet. None the less, I was so stoked that he would even think of me for a shot out. Actors rarely do that for stuntmen. Rob is a very considerate individual and true gentleman. When I saw him on the set of Remember Me he immediately apologized for the mishap.

Twilight star Christian Serratos, says Rob has become more humble since Twilight fame 

Twilight star Christian Serratos, aka Bella’s high school pal Angela Weber, has a job many girls would just die for — she gets to be on set with Robert Pattinson and the rest of the vamp-movie gang all day. So does she think R-Pattz’s new reputation as a ladies’ man is deserved? OK! chatted with Christian at the Charlotte Russe 2009 Fall Launch in NYC, and we asked if the thought Edward Cullen had turned into a playboy since skyrocketing to fame over the last year.
“I don’t think so,” says Christian, adding that if has changed, Robert has gone in the opposite direction. “If anything he’s become more humble and more introverted,” Christian tells OK!.

Even people who just randomly encounter Rob remark on how humble he is:
I have a friend that manages a bike shop here in Baton Rouge, and I brought my bikes in to get fixed. I walk in, and it's my 3 good friends who run the store, and only 2 other people. An older gentleman, and a younger, bearded one. I didn't recognize either so I just kept walking right past them (like 6 inches away from them) straight to the warehouse of the shop.

A half hour later, I realize, this fucking bearded guy is ROBERT PATTINSON. Robert fucking Pattinson. He was wearing a dark baseball cap, jeans, a red flannel shirt, and black shoes (looked like skate/bike shoes). He decides to buy a bike from my friend (a thousand dollar bike that I'm sure you'll see in paparazzi pictures from now on). This is a nice bike, and needs to be setup in the warehouse before sending him with it, so I then find myself in the predicament OF HANGING OUT WITH ROBERT PATTINSON IN A SMALL ROOM FOR AN HOUR. He's the most attractive person I've ever fucking met. And his beard? Epic. He's also the sweetest goddamn person, and I didn't ask for a picture, because he seemed to be enjoying the fact that not a single one of us acknowledged his celebrity.

Anyway. That's it. Fucking epic, and I don't even like Twilight. Oh, and that smile? That fucking smile? CUTEST THING EVER. He's like, Cedric Diggery nice. Super sweet. Super humble.

What better way to end the post.  Robert Pattinson ... Cedric Diggery nice. Super sweet. Super humble.

Remember if you want to add your list of '30 awesome things about Rob' please add to the comments section to the post linked here.  We'll end the month with a post filled with your lists. 



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