ROBsessed's 30 Days for Rob's 30 Years: Robert Pattinson's Awesome Role In 'Cosmopolis'

ROBsessed's 30 Days for Rob's 30 Years: Robert Pattinson's Awesome Role In 'Cosmopolis'

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Yaaassssss indeed. Let's get in the mood by hearing from Mr. Packer for just a moment...

We're people in the world. We need to eat and talk.

Speak to me, Eric Packer! I can't tell you how much I love this performance. It's my favorite and it's awesome. It grows in awesomeness with each viewing and is wildly quotable. And who do we have to thank for that?

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Rob chewed up this dialogue heavy role in a major way and captivated from the start.

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He played a man that set out on a simple mission.

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Continue on the Cosmopolis journey after the cut!

Showed a mixture of exasperation and flirtation at every turn.

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Rob's Packer was sex driven and bored from one moment to the next.

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Driven to a madness where he's felt freer in a way he's never known.

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The performance is absolutely brilliant. Arguably Rob's best role to date.

What. You don't know this?


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