When Robert Pattinson gave me his full attention at the Water for Elephants premiere

"Gray suit, white shirt."

Those were the words from my friend, Deb, alerting me of Robert Pattinson's arrival and attire. These 4 words made me gasp and curse Kate because she had teased me earlier that day about how I would survive if Rob wore a gray suit.

Well, I did survive but I think it's only because of something I realize I do when I'm within Rob's vortex: I leave my body.

But let me back up a bit before I talk about my out-of-body encounter. I don't tell short stories. If you want a short story, here it is: I got to ask Rob a question on the red carpet. He answered.

Here's the top of my head and Rob's bottom lip.


If you like long stories...enter my crazy brain after the cut ;)

Some of you might know I got my blogging start on WaterforElephantsfilm.com and if you really know me, you know I got my Rob start on ROBsessed.

In terms of me and Rob, this isn't my first time at the rodeo. I'm a blessed individual and have been in the Rob vortex several times now. I had my Robiracle back in August 2009, something I shared with this blog and gets me very nostalgic. I've also had cool encounters with him on the New Moon and Eclipse red carpet. I'm still chasing another pic with him because people think he was a sourpuss in my 2009 pic (he wasn't) but the encounters I've had have been special in their own right.

The Water for Elephants premiere in New York didn't disappoint.

We weren't sure if we were going to be granted press access for the WFE blog. There was a lot of confusion with other WFE blogs, mistaken identities and too many FOX hands in the pot. An annoying story short: we did get press passes and we (Deb, debb24601, and Jen, myrobpattinson) would be on the red carpet.

The joy beam out of us could be seen around the globe if you looked up in the sky. This was such an honor for us and we couldn't wait to talk to everyone we spotted that was involved in WFE. We had a tip sheet and knew we needed to prep questions for all the folks that were coming. This of course included....Robert. *cue sweaty palms*

We didn't know what to expect from the red carpet or how much time we would have so we developed several questions for the leads just in case we were allowed extensive time with them. When we brainstormed questions for Rob we thought about how as fans, these questions have to be good. They can not be questions we know the answer to already. They can not be questions that lend themselves easily to stock answers. They MUST be funny in some way so we get Rob to bring the porn and laugh. They MUST be related to WFE yet try to make them personal in an appropriate way.


We decided we would try for a speed Q&A format. We would ask him some short questions and tell him to answer as quickly as possible. *blows horn* I share with you now the exclusive questions from me, Deb, and Jen!

  1. Would you rather be the lion tamer or work the high wire?
  2. Which animal has the attitude problem: zebras or camels?
  3. Do you prefer underpants from the 1930s or modern underpants?
  4. What's your favorite kind of soup? (random question...looking for the laugh and we really wanted to know)
  5. Funniest blooper on set involving the animals.
  6. Does Bear know any tricks like Queenie?

And there you have it. This was to be our speed round with Robert Pattinson. Alas! It was not meant to be.

We arrived on the red carpet to discover all the fan blogs would be clustered together at the tail end of a long line of press. There were about 20 fan blogs. Quick fire with Rob was likely not happening.

Always the smart one, I mentioned earlier in the day to Deb and Jen, we needed to pick one of the questions in our bunch in case that's all we get. We agreed on the Bear/Queenie question. We thought it was cute. We love Queenie and dogs and we love that Rob loves dogs and we love Rob (just wanted to throw that in there). Felt like a winner! Something else we decided or rather they decided and made me turn into an anorexic for the day: I would be the one to ask Rob the question. *blood drains*

Now, I don't really know why Deb and Jen felt this was wise but Jen wanted Reese and Deb wanted to uninhibitedly stare. Once they told me I was the one, I ceased eating. I couldn't. My nerves were shot. Anyone that saw or spoke to me before we got on the carpet noticed that. I wouldn't be surprised if my skin had a green tint to it. I was more nervous than I've ever been. How do you stare at someone you, lack of a better word, worship and ask them a question? I know Rob likes people to treat him like he's normal and all but he's not my friend so I can put him on a pedestal. If he'd like me to be his friend, then I would actively work to view him as a regular Joe. Until that budding friendship happens, he will always be extraordinary to me. Balls in your court, Rob! ;)

So here I am, nervous as all get out, on this red carpet, Deb whispering in my ear about gray suits and I think I should cry or release some of this energy but no can do. Rob has arrived. It's showtime.

Sweet as always, he made sure to greet the entire fan line, signing any and everything and posing for numerous pictures. You guys know. You've seen them them on the blog for the past week. He was the first to arrive and the last in the theater. He was dedicated, charming, and generous. *raises pedestal higher*. By the time he got close to the fan blog area of the press line, baby had to be exhausted. He'd been working it for close to 2 hours. The premiere was behind schedule almost a full hour and you could see his handlers on the carpet were going to rush him through the fan blog area. We were to get one question for each barricade section. There were about 5-6 blogs within each barricade.

When Rob was finally within my sights, the earth stopped rotating and my body went numb. He looked stunning. He always looks stunning. Stephanie was close to me and I always like to greet Rob's people. I feel like they're his family and should be acknowledged. I told her she looked pretty and after she said thank you she looked back at all of us with a cocked brow and said, "None of you are the ones that said I looked pregnant, right?" We all chimed, "Nooooooo." Freaky! We always knew Rob's people looked at the blogs and twitter, didn't we? They kind of have to.

Rob is finally upon me and the vortex is paralyzing. I know I've seen him several times in person (premieres, TV tapings) but it's not something I think I'll ever get used to. He's one of those people that looks even better in person, not worse. He's what you expect and more. Tall, handsome, kind, charismatic, and focused. That's what I noticed being on the red carpet. He stared right at you and focused. Such a dangerous stance.

I was sandwiched between the blogs Twimoms and Twilightish. They both had mics and video picking up the interviews. Twimoms was granted a question which they assertively turned into a couple of questions. I need to take lessons. I think I forgot Rob wasn't going to stay for tea. I was just looking at him in awe. I didn't snap out of it until I heard Nick tell Rob to wrap up the question and move down to the next barricade section. Utter horror! I wasn't going to get to speak to him!

Maybe I'm a better pinch hitter than I realize because once I heard Nick try to take Rob and his vortex away, I spoke up and asked if we (waterforelephantsfilm.com) could get one question. Nick motioned to go for it but I will always be grateful for him pointing me out to Rob twice to answer my question. Nick became some pseudo guardian angel for this frazzled fan out of her element. I wish I could send him cookies or something.

Then he was there. Right in front of me. Hands in pocket. Staring me down. At the time, my recollection of the exchange was mortifying. I asked the question, he said, "No." then left. When I was finally able to pick up my damaged heart from the floor and watch the taping, it wasn't that clipped. I saw I got a greeting from Rob but I was so nervous and wrapped up in speaking coherently, I didn't notice and tell him, "I'm great thank you! Hope you're doing well." I also got a little laugh, he didn't just say "no", and he even thanked me! Not so bad for a question that wouldn't have a stock answer.

Here's the video from Twilightish that shows the exchange. You hear the Twimoms questions to the left. I'm in the middle of the 2 mics. Twilightish is on my right. You can see when Nick looks at me and tells Rob to get my question. You can see Rob stare me down, trying to murder me.

I'm so thankful that Twilightish had this whole exchange because of course our video taping was FAIL. I don't know what we were thinking. We had Deb assigned to video and this was her first time ever seeing Rob. Naturally, there was no recording. She was caught in the vortex.

I somehow managed to have my flip vid out. I recorded nothing else on the carpet but at some point my limbs moved on their own (out of body) and I did record the exchange. It's hardly the best but it's very special to me. In fact, you can get a feeling of how tall Rob is and how short I felt because half his face is cut off. You get to see my pseudo guardian angel hook me up and plenty of lip/jaw porn. If you put it on full screen, you'll feel like he's trying to smother you. ;)

I capped some of my favorite moments from the video. It all went by so quickly but there are diamonds in the rough.



He hasn't even gotten to my question yet and he's already prepping his death stare.


Oh Twimom...I know you must have gone blind while talking because that's the only excuse for remaining upright with this smirk on his lips.


Eeeeeeeek! The lips are coming! The lips are coming! Can you see how TALL he is?!


*tears* He's talking to me :) The pseudo guardian angel bestowed me with a gift and here is my greeting :')))


Oh dear...


Oh heaven help me, he's forming a smirk...


Woman down! Woman down!


*wheezing* yup. I was clearly out of body. Only explanation to being able to take this.


The laugh!


:))) Might not have gotten an extensive answer but teeth and smiles are all win


And just as quickly as he arrived, my pseudo guardian angel whisked him away...not before Rob said a quick thank you :))


This experience was phenomenal. So special and I feel blessed to have had it. I'll never forget this. Ever. I feel like I owe Jen my 1st born for bringing me on board the WFE blog a year ago and ultimately making the red carpet miracle happen. I owe Nick my 2nd born for hearing my plea and allowing only me and Rob to exist in this world, if only for a couple of seconds. Lastly but not least, I was so pleased to meet fellow ROBsessors. At the cocktail party we hosted the night before the premiere, I met ROBsessed readers: people that have supported the blog for ages and people I've seen in the comments for a looooong time. I didn't expect people to come up to me asking if I was Tink from ROBsessed and when that happened, I felt like I was at a family reunion. I LOVED meeting ladies that are in our community. I only wish I had more time. More time with friends, more time with readers and more time with Rob (of course). Until my next Robventure...xx
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