Robert Pattinson Gets Questioned About His New Haircut (Fan Encounter & New Pics)


About 50 fans were given the amazing opportunity to meet Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, and Bill Condon at Comic Con 2011 @awesomearianna was one of the lucky fans.

Here's her account of what happened when she met Rob (via Team Twilight head over there to read the full thing)

"So then Rob was next and my calmness was still there (oddly enough) so he said “hey” and gave me that half smirk and head nod (Kate: I would probably faint at that point ;-}) I said the first thing that popped to mind “Hey, when are you finally going to buzz all that hair off” (or something to that effect) and he laughed and told me that he actually likes it’s it likes it and wants to keep his hair like that for a while, all while laughing it off."

And some new fans pics from the "Breaking Dawn" Comic-Con Panel thanks to Team Taylor Lautner

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via gossip_dance
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