The Beginning of (what could be) a Robert Pattinson Drought = Rumor Time!

With FOUR movies in the edit bay and on their way to theater releases we are all desperate for any hint of what Robert Pattinson's next role might be.

But a Chilean miner? I'm not convinced... throwing this one in the rumor bucket for now.

It was officially announced that the dramatic story with a happy ending of the 33 Chilean miners trapped in the depths of the earth for 69 days, will be brought to the big screen.

Producer Mike Medavoy, known for his work in Black Swan and Shutter Island, has confirmed that he obtained the rights to stage the real life odyssey.

Remarkable names like Robert Pattinson, Gael Garcia and Antonio Banderas, could be part of the extensive cast for the film of the Chilean miners, to begin recording in Los Angeles with a screenplay by Jose Rivera, who did a great job on "The Motorcycle Diaries."

The movie title has not been revealed yet, but it forward already is negotiating with actors Pattinson, Gael and Flags to accommodate the schedule of films, provided they accept to be in the project.

The big question - which miner would he portray?


IF this turns out to be true, at least we do know he can already kiss like a Chilean... Chillian... Chilleen.... Oh, I give up, I can't pronounce it either Rob!

Full story at the Source via @SkylarLSpencer ~ Thanks to @fab_w for the miner pic.

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