Could This Possibly Be The US Release Date For Robert Pattinson's "Water For Elephants" DVD ?

Is it possible that there is finally a date for the release of Robert Pattinson's "Water For Elephants" DVD is the US?

According to a tweet sent by one of the followers of RobPattzNews yesterday the release date might be September 13th. Melissa spotted the sign below at an an FYE

If true it would mean the UK will have it before the US as the official release date for the UK is Sept 5th.


Here's the pic she tweeted


Nothing has been officially announced yet regarding a US release date but as soon as it is you know we will let you know straight away.

Just thought you might like to know if the possibility of this!

In the meantime if you want to Pre-Order it you can do so here

And in the UK

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