EXTRA HOT *NEW* Robert Pattinson "Bel Ami" Stills

UPDATED with a possible release date! Scroll down to read

These NEW Robert Pattinson "Bel Ami" Stills come with a BIG Warning






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Ok so if you're all still alive after those HOT pics..........according to the website that they're on and using Google translator (because I don't speak Russian) it says "Bel Ami" is being released February 2012.

Is this true?

You're guess is as good as mine BUT the movie tie cover of "Bel Ami" is coming out Jan 2012 & also "RUMOUR" has it that it will premiere at the Berlin Film Festival (which is in February) so.......

Here's the translation done with Google Translator (& for once it's actually not too bad) but the important bit is at the end.

"Robert Pattinson looks equally good as in the image of the modern vampire, and in the way of the XIX century dandy. You can verify this by looking at the new footage from the movie "Dear Friend" (Kate: I don't know why this translated as "Dear Friend" unless that's what they're going to call it in Russia :-?)

No prizes for guessing that the picture - the screen of the novel by French classic Guy de Maupassant. The main character Georges Duroy (Pattinson) - typical minion of fortune. And women. In spite of his peasant background, George achieves inconceivable heights of career and enviable status in society. And all because he did not scruple to use his looks and his adoring women. However, if at first he does not act with malicious intent, it soon becomes a complete scoundrel.

Robert Pattinson has repeatedly recognized the novel "Bel Ami" - one of his favorite works, so the image of a charming but ill-suited hero actor carefully. We think it was easy, because the company made Pattinson experienced actress Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas and Christina Ricci.

We look forward to the movie release (it will be in February 2012), and, to be honest - even more than the new part of the "Twilight" saga. In the end, we know Rob for so many years as the good guy, but we've never seen him as a villain."
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