Robert Pattinson's "Bel Ami" Showing At The Baltic Pearl Film Festival in Latvia?

Rumours have been going around that Robert Pattinson's "Bel Ami" could possibly be shown at the Baltic Pearl Film Festival in Latvia which runs from September 15th through the 25th.


It is listed on the festival's wesbsite page and appeared on the festivals twitter page as a film being included in the festival.

Roberts Patinsons {giggle} (doesn't matter we get what it means)

RobPattzNews contacted the orgainisers for more information they were told "they can't release screening dates or any additional information, until an announcement on a world premiere is made. They are hoping it will come soon, and as part of the Toronto Film Festival lineup."

The full schedule for that festival is to be released August 23rd (so hopefully not too long more to wait for news).

via RobPattzNews & Spunk Ransom
Twitter Screengrabs thanks to RobsessedSpain

And just in case you want your "Bel Ami" fix to keep you going the trailer is over in the sidebar!
I WANT THIS FILM NOW. My patience is starting to wear out.
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