Gorgeous Robert Pattinson Fan Pic & Video From The Brussels Fan Event

You may know Lynne as a regular around here. Well she was lucky enough to meet Rob (for the third time) and get a pic with him in Brussels.
She was also lucky enough to win tickets to get into the theatre in Paris to see him.

She has been good enough to share her gorgeous pic and video from the fan event in Brussels with us.
Thanks Lynne!



Lynne's Paris Story after the cut

At the last minute on Thursday last week I decided to go to Paris with my friend Ursula to see if we could get one of the 170 tickets that a French Radio station were giving away on the Saturday before the fan event. I got on a bus to Paris early Friday morning and arrived around 6pm in Paris. We started queuing on a Paris street at 8pm on the Friday evening, sleeping on the street and queued right through to the next afternoon (14 hrs) and were no 2 & 3 in the queue. We had to start a numbering system for the new fans arriving as things were getting chaotic, so each new arrival got a number on their hand so it was fair. I met some absolutely lovely French fans (I love them!), they were so gracious and kind and spoke in English to me and translated anything that went on there. We finally got our ticket at 12.00 midday on Saturday and then went back to our Paris apartment and slept alot the rest of the Saturday ready for more queuing on the Sunday in order to get a good seat in theatre. After another 16 hrs queuing we managed to get on the 4th row from the front right in the middle very near Rob and I got some great video (still to be uploaded of the whole event), I was almost hysterical afterwards, Rob was the most stunning I have EVER seen him, it was too much to take in. On the Tuesday I took the Eurostar from Paris to Brussels to join my husband there as we had planned a celebration of a big birthday of his. He wanted to go to the Brussels event with me, he thinks Rob is cool and loves his work and I think wanted to see his competition in the flesh lol! We stayed in a 5* hotel just 300 metres from Rob's Brussels hotel although we never saw him at his. We started queuing again in Brussels at 4am on Wednesday to get a front row place on the red carpet and after another 14 hours queuing finally got to see Rob again, he was so very beautiful. The Brussels event was amazing so well organised and they really did our boy proud by pulling out all the stops. My husband got Rob to sign our Cosmopolis book and Rob seemed very happy when he saw we had brought it for him to sign. He smiled and said "ahh Cosmopolis" and raised his eyebrows. I said "yes it's going to be great", he smiled. Then I asked him if he would sign my photo which he looked at. He pointed to the top photo (the one of my fan photo with him with the beard that I had from the Marcus Foster gig in Sept last year). He asked "where was this one from?"" and I said "it was from Marcus Foster's gig last year". He smiled and said "ahh". He was busy signing so it's impossible when he's doing a red carpet for him to chat. I asked him if I could have a photo and he said "sure". I couldn't get my arm out of the barrier far enough as I was being pretty much crushed from the fans behind and Rob took my camera and took the photo for me. I think he realised that I was there with my hubby because of course we both had English accents and I think he managed to get my hubby in the photo too on purpose (so sweet). You can see the uncropped photo in my video. I have to say it was one of the best weeks of my life, seeing Rob twice and so up close was just the best thing. I am also going to the London Breaking Dawn premiere and have some awesome gifts to give him from the Facebook group I am an admin on, I'm sure he will love them. Maybe I should present him with a triple fan photo to sign this time
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