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VIDEO: Robert Pattinson & Claire Denis Talk 'High Life' |Film Comment Talk

VIDEO: Robert Pattinson & Claire Denis Talk 'High Life' |Film Comment Talk

FAN VIDEO: 'My Angel' ~ Robert Pattinson

FAN VIDEO: 'My Angel' ~ Robert Pattinson

Yeap she's done it again, the super talented Bru has made this gorgeous video featuring Robert Pattinson.
It's just what you need on a Monday to get the week off to a good start, trust me. Enjoy!

My Angel Robert Pattinson from SlaveforRob on Vimeo.

NEW/OLD VIDEO: Robert Pattinson answers 19 super fun rapid fire Q&As at Cannes (2017)

NEW/OLD VIDEO: Robert Pattinson answers 19 super fun rapid fire Q&As at Cannes (2017)

I looooove these kind of rabid fire Q&As. It's like getting an instant download of Rob trivia. I'd say see if you can guess what he says but it goes pretty fast. So below are the options given to Rob and you can guess what he chooses before watching the video. I missed 2 of them. How many do you get right?? Have you done YOUR research? :))

  1. London or LA
  2. Actor or Musician
  3. Palme d'Or or Oscar
  4. Death Grips of Van Morrison
  5. New Order or Joy Division
  6. Past or Future
  7. 60s or 70s
  8. James Dean or Marlon Brando
  9. Wu Tang Clan or N.W.A.
  10. Macbeth or Romeo & Juliet
  11. Drink or Drive
  12. Harry Potter or Twilight
  13. Broadway or Hollywood
  14. David Fincher or David Cronenberg
  15. Tea or Coffee
  16. Ian Curtis or Freddie Mercury
  17. Beatles or Rolling Stones
  18. Jay Z or Eminem
  19. James Gray or Martin Scorsese 

Ok go for it!

Source: Konbini

FAN VID: Go On The Adventure of A Lifetime With Robert Pattinson

FAN VID: Go On The Adventure of A Lifetime With Robert Pattinson

You're going to love this new video by Nere. Happy hump day!

SNEAK PEEK: Robert Pattinson 'Life' Artwork For Upcoming 'Little White Lies' Cover

SNEAK PEEK: Robert Pattinson 'Life' Artwork For Upcoming 'Little White Lies' Cover

UPDATE: So it turns out that the Life issue of Little White Lies is a digital issue that will be available HERE

image host

This is so funny, I was in my newsagents only an hour ago (grabbing the last copy of today's UK Times with the brilliant Rob interview in it) and was checking out the current issue of Little White Lies and thinking how I wished they'd do one for Life and next thing this pops up on Twitter!
Colour me excited!

image host image host

Thanks Clara!

"Robert Pattinson Is Incredible, The Kid Has Chops. This Dude Can Act" ~ Watch Collider Movie Talk Discuss 'The Lost City Of Z' & Robert Pattinson

"Robert Pattinson Is Incredible, The Kid Has Chops. This Dude Can Act" ~ Watch Collider Movie Talk Discuss 'The Lost City Of Z' & Robert Pattinson

It never fails to bring a smile to my face when others realise what we've known all along. Watch the Collider Movie Talk guys discuss how they're looking forward to seeing The Lost City of Z and what their thoughts are about Rob.

Tom Holland Joins James Gray's 'The Lost City of Z'
ICYMI: The future Spider-Man is going on an indie film adventure prior to getting his own film. Find out a little bit about 'The Lost City of Z'.
Posted by on Sunday, August 23, 2015

NEW movie poster for Life with Robert Pattinson

The UK movie poster for Life with Robert Pattinson has just been released.

Film 4 have just shared a new poster for the UK release of 'Life' on their twitter (@Film4).  Film 4 also confirmed a release date for Life for Friday 25 September. Save the date!!

image host

Click for HQ:

image host


When asked when we might see a Life trailer, Film4 responded with this......

image host


Robert Pattinson: A Talent For The Unexpected, A Hollywood Good-Guy Whose Success So Far Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

Robert Pattinson: A Talent For The Unexpected, A Hollywood Good-Guy Whose Success So Far Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

If the line above has you grinning from ear to ear, just wait until you check out the rest of this article about Rob by Dan Stephens for Top100 Films.
It's a great read and we just had to share some extracts with you. So grab a cuppa make yourself comfortable and prepare to beam with pride!

image host
A movie star with swashbuckling good looks might suggest Twilight’s Robert Pattinson is just one of many Hollywood commodities, but beneath the surface, you’ll find far more substance in this talented Brit.

Adored by his committed fans and praised by critics, Robert Pattinson is a “pretty boy” with a talent that matches his appealing good looks. A childhood model from the age of 12, Pattinson quickly became a film star after his appearance as Cedric Diggory, alongside Daniel Radcliffe, in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Unfairly ignored by those thinking of him only as “that guy from those vampire movies”, Pattinson proved that Twilight, while winning him favour with audiences across the world enamoured by the gothic, Romeo and Juliet-style romance of the Twilight series, only highlighted a small proportion of his acting talent.


Perhaps what’s most appealing about Pattinson within his movie work is his courage to experiment. After Twilight you’d forgive him for pursuing similarly commercial roles – the sort guaranteed to gain favour from his core group of younger fans – but he hasn’t done that. In fact, he appears to have sacrificed “safe” projects for far more demanding films.

While you may argue the adoration aimed at his celebrity lifestyle and private romances is keeping his profile primed within mainstream media, his choice of work, particularly his recent projects with the distinctly un-mainstream David Cronenberg in Cosmopolis and Maps to the Stars, have hardly deterred his devoted followers.

Take for example Rey in David Michôd’s The Rover. A far cry from the milky-white skin of his former vampire persona, Pattinson is grizzled and bloodied here in a performance widely praised.Kenneth Turan of The Los Angeles Times called the actor a “revelation”, describing Rey as a “damaged, unfocused individual who is the older man’s half-unwilling accomplice.”

Todd McCarthy, writing for The Hollywood Reporter, clearly saw an actor determined to shed pretty boy baggage in favour of edgier, riskier, far less superficial roles. “Pattinson delivers a performance that, despite the character’s own limitations, becomes more interesting as the film moves along, suggesting that the young actor might indeed be capable of offbeat character work.”

This sentiment was echoed by Ryan Pollard in his review for Top 10 Films. “Robert Pattinson is really coming into his own as an actor, after having landed fascinating roles since the Twilight years, and recently excelling in David Cronenberg’s striking Maps to the Stars. Here, Pattinson [is] perfectly able to play someone who’s slightly crazy and dangerous, yet somewhat sympathetic and tragic underneath.”

It might be surprising that Robert Pattinson hasn’t gone “off the rails” having achieved fame at a young age and had to endure the invasive eye of the tabloid press for most of his young adult life. But here is a man whose intelligence perhaps belies his formative years played out in the limelight of celebrity. Cronenberg talks of Pattinson’s intelligence as an actor, his ability to recognise the nuances of character, and understand why the director wants to do things a certain way. “He’s very well-read, and very well-versed in cinema – which I’m not sure his fans know,” he said.

He’s also far more selfless than many of his peers. His work for various charities dates back to the late 2000s when he supported the ECPAT UK’s campaign Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People to stop human trafficking. The following year he donated his own artwork to PACT which auctioned on eBay, to help the organisation working for missing children. He also donated a sketch, drawn by himself, called Unfinished City which raised $6,400 for an Arizona based homeless centre.

In subsequent years he has participated in a number of initiatives to raise cancer awareness including auctioning items of his own to raise money for various charities.

If that wasn’t enough, the multi-talented Brit has also composed music which has gone on to appear in his movies. Skilled at both piano and guitar, he co-wrote and sang Never Think for the Twilight soundtrack and also played guitar on the Death Grips song “Birds”. The actor has quipped: “Music is my back-up plan if acting fails.

It’s the teen fandom, beguiling boyish good looks, English charm, and multi-million dollar fantasy franchise versus a cinematic intelligence and diverse acting range, selfless attitude and philanthropic endeavour, that makes Robert Pattinson a “talent for the unexpected”. Here is a man who’s the polar opposite of someone like Justin Bieber – all packaged, manufactured and commodified. Pattinson’s a genuine talent – a Hollywood good-guy whose success so far is just the tip of the iceberg.

Check out the rest of this GREAT article over at Top100 Films

Also thanks to all the people who emailed us about this!

FAN VIDEO: A Look Back At The King Of Cannes, Robert Pattinson

FAN VIDEO: A Look Back At The King Of Cannes, Robert Pattinson

Cannes is just not the same without Rob, so Olia made this great vid which gives a look back at all Rob's Cannes appearances so far. I think you'll enjoy it ;)

Robert Pattinson Scores A Hat Trick On The Film Stage's '100 Most Anticipated Movies of 2015' List

Robert Pattinson Scores A Hat Trick On The Film Stage's '100 Most Anticipated Movies of 2015' List

We're always excited to see all of Rob's movies but it's great to see that others are as excited to see his work now too.
No less than THREE of his movies made The Film Stages '100 Most Anticipated Movies of 2015' List.  
Life made an appearance on there as did Queen of the Desert and completing the hat trick is The Trap.

Here's what they had to say about each movie:

 photo Screen-Shot-2014-06-06-at-13117-AM.png
With rumors that it would arrive last year, the wait continues for Werner Herzog’s first narrative feature in half-a-decade, the story of legendary cartographer Gertrude Bell may be hitting theaters this year. Led by Nicole Kidman, Robert Pattinson, James Franco, and Damian Lewis, Queen of the Desert follows Bell, a diplomatic explorer, who negotiated with Arab nations and helped establish the countries of Iraq and Jordan. Considering that Herzog is the man who gave us such epics as Fitzcarraldo and Aguirre, we’re looking forward to a return with what looks to be his most visually ambitious work in some time. With fall line-ups getting announced shortly, check back for updates. – Jordan R.
 photo RobDaneHQ.jpg
96. LIFE
After premiering his latest drama, A Most Wanted Man, at Sundance last year, we thought director Anton Corbijn might return to Park City, but barring any last-minute announcements that looks to not be the case. Hopefully coming later this year, as scripted by Luke Davies, Life centers on the relationship between James Dean (Dane DeHaan) and Life Magazine‘s Dennis Stock (Robert Pattinson), the latter of whom had been tasked with capturing the up-and-coming actor less than a year before his rise to stardom and tragic death. – Jordan R
After the success of Spring Breakers, Harmony Korine is ready to dive right into his next, “most ambitious” project yet. While little is known about The Trap, we do know that it will likely star Jamie Foxx, Robert Pattinson, and Benicio del Toro in a revenge, gangster drama that follows a “multi-generational family of criminals in the South.” Korine is set to begin shooting the film in Miami in the coming months. With Spring Breakers introducing Korine to a wider audience than ever before, could The Trap be his next big step into the cultural spotlight? – Dan G.
Check out the rest of the list over at  The Film Stage

Showcase Saturday With Robert Pattinson

Showcase Saturday With Robert Pattinson

Check out this fantastic new video from the talented verenajj. 
I think you'll love all the close up Rob. So grab your headphones, click to watch full screen and find a hideaway & enjoy it!

via RobArt Gallery

Sinful Sunday With Robert Pattinson

Sinful Sunday With Robert Pattinson 

This is an oldie but a goodie by beanene1 and so perfect for Sinful Sunday! It may well leave you reaching for a bucket of ice water to cool yourself off.

NEW BTS Pic of Robert Pattinson from The Rover + Quentin Tarantino praises the film BIG TIME!

NEW BTS Pic of Robert Pattinson from The Rover + Quentin Tarantino praises the film BIG TIME!

UPDATE: HQ BTS pic + theater listing update for The Rover release this Friday!

The official twitter account for The Rover dropped a new BTS photo and some praise from a director we KNOW Rob will be pleased about....

image host

From Quentin Tarantino:
A mesmerizing, visionary achievement. The best post-apocalyptic movie since the original Mad Max. With the one-two punch of The Rover & Animal Kingdom, David Michôd proves himself to be the most uncompromising director of his generation. ecstatic are you knowing Quentin has now seen Rob as Rey, his best and critically acclaimed performance to date?? Tarantino is coming for you, Rob!!!

image host

Current theater listing under the cut!

ROUND-UP: What The Media Are Saying About The 'Maps To The Stars' Promo Trailer

ROUND-UP: What The Media Are Saying About The 'Maps To The Stars' Promo Trailer 

At this stage you've all seen the Maps To The Stars Promo Trailer & the newer one that was released today and we know what your reaction is, but were you wondering how they were received by the media?

 photo cricrila70tumblr.jpg

Here's a little round-up of what they were saying about them (click on the links to read the full reports)

Excerpt from The Playlist:
…With a heightened air of sexuality and surreality, this new look is much better…expect this one at Cannes.
Tweet from TimeOut:
Looks intense, frosty, clinical
Excerpt from BlackBook:
For the past forty years, David Cronenberg has been giving us visually-striking and mind-melding thrillers whose sexual power is always bathed in grotesque horror—and we can’t get enough
Excerpt from CinemaBlend:
Things get psychosexual and even a little supernatural, and early word suggests this moody drama has got something for everybody.
Excerpt from Huffington Post:
Cheers to another screwed up family
Excerpt from GQ:
David Cronenberg clearly loves putting Robert Pattinson in a good suit and a limo.
Tweet from Entertainment Weekly:
Death! Sex! Betrayal!
Excerpt from ScreenRant:
…Slowly but surely, [Pattinson's] becoming the Leo to Cronenberg’s Scorsese…
Excerpt from HitFix:
Yes, this is promising. Check out all the sexy Cronenbergian weirdness…
Excerpt from /Film:
It’s a good day when you get to see footage from one of your most anticipated films of the year…
Excerpt from The Film Stage:
…Here’s our initial look at one surefire example and, no less, one of our most-anticipated 2014 titles…one of 2014′s most essential pictures. Here’s one that can’t come soon enough.”
Excerpt from First Showing:
“Do you understand – it’s all ending now.” Wow.
Excerpt from Collider:
I’m not quite sure what to make of the footage in this promo trailer, and that’s part of what makes me so excited for this movie.  The other part is that this is a new David Cronenberg movie, and I’m eager to see anything he does.
Excerpt from The Playlist:
David Cronenberg is back, and this time he’s taking on his most terrifying, mind-altering subject yet: Hollywood families
Excerpt from Indiewire:
A near certainty for Cannes 2014…”Maps” sure looks juicy.

MOVIE NEWS: Robert Pattinson Steals His Scenes In QOTD & 'Maps To The Stars' Gets A French Release Date

UPDATE: Another bit of movie news added at the bottom of the post 
MOVIE NEWS: Robert Pattinson Steals His Scenes In QOTD & Maps To The Stars Gets A French Release Date

Cassian Elwes tweeted that he saw a rough version of Queen of the Desert and had fantastic things to say. Take a look below!

 photo ScreenShot2014-03-28at152116.png

STEALS His Scenes!!

 photo crazylaugh.gif

ALSO Maps To The Stars has a french release date of May 21st (confirmed by the french distributor Le Pacte).
Are all our minds going in the same direction with this one?

 photo ScreenShot2014-03-28at152225.png

A little titbit about Hold on to Me surfaced yesterday, Deadline had a report about Brad Ingelsby which included this:
"Pruss helped Ingelsby get his Low Dweller spec seen around town, and this is his third project with the writer, after Hold On To Me, which James Marsh is directing this fall, and The Signal, which is being developed by Paramount."

Brady Corbet Praises Robert Pattinson's Career Choices & Talks About 'The Childhood Of A Leader'

Brady Corbet Praises Robert Pattinson's Career Choices & Talks About 'A Childhood Of A Leader'

Brady Corbet, the director of The Childhood Of A Leader, was at Sundance and was interviewed by 'The Playlist'. 
He talks about knowing Rob for years and how Rob has used his celebrity to make sure films he admires gets off the ground.

You're going to love all that he has to say about Rob. He starts talking about The Childhood of a Leader around the 9:30 mark and about Rob around 10:22  

Thanks Clara & Nancy for the heads up!

TWEET: Macy's Gush About The 'Unbelievably Gorgeous' Robert Pattinson

TWEET: Macy's Gush About The 'Unbelievably Gorgeous' Robert Pattinson

Macy's tweeted out this great tweet earlier on today which left us with hearts in our eyes

 photo hearts.gif

 photo Yes04.gif

Don't forget if you're in the US and want to get your hands on the NEW Dior Fragrance that's available exclusively at Macy's check out how to order HERE

Robert Pattinson's 'The Rover' & 'Maps To The Stars' Makes Blackbook's 30 Most Anticipated Films of 2014 List

Robert Pattinson's 'The Rover' & 'Maps To The Stars' Makes Blackbook's 30 Most Anticipated Films of 2014 List  

It's that time of year when different lists start to come out some looking at the year gone by and others looking forward to next year. Blackbook have compiled their '30 Most Anticipated Films of 2014' list and Robert Pattinson's The Rover & Maps to the Stars have made it onto their list.

Anticipated is probably putting it lightly!

 photo excited.gif

 photo HQTheRoverStilllWithRobertPattinsonGuyPearce-1.jpg


Director: David Michod, finally following up his outstanding 2010 debut, Animal Kingdom.

: A loner tracks the gang who stole his car from a desolate town in the Australian outback.

Cast: Guy Pearce, Robert Pattinson, Scoot McNairy.
The Skinny: Animal Kingdom was one of the most confident, assured debuts of the last decade, and I have a strong feeling this will cement Michod as one of the great modern auteurs. Also, Guy Pearce has a knack for appearing in cult classics (Memento, LA Confidential), and Pattinson showed surprising chops in 2012′s Cosmopolis. - DH

 photo Mapstothestars.jpg


Director: David Cronenberg, making his 18th film.
Concept: The entertainment industry’s relationship to Western civilization, as seen through the plight of two former child stars.
Cast: Mia Wasikowska, Julianne Moore, Robert Pattinson, John Cusack.
The Skinny: Cronenberg is always worthwhile, and turning his cerebral, surreal eye on Hollywood could wield fascinating results. Wasikowska is becoming a great actress, and it’s nice to see Robert Pattinson leap into auteur-driven art house projects, post-Twilight fame. - DH

Head over to Blackbook to see what other films made their list
Thanks Flavia for the tip!

Also if you're keeping up with Queen of the Desert be sure to check out pics from the Pre-Shoot  HERE

"Robert Pattinson Will Have A Career That Will One Day Make Him One Of The Best In His Field" ~

"Robert Pattinson Will Have A Career That Will One Day Make Him One Of The Best In His Field" ~

 photo RobertPattinsonCosmopolis05.jpg

It looks like people are finally starting to realise what we've known for a long, long time.

 photo thumbsupyeah.gif

What they have to say about Rob in this article from will have you grinning from ear to ear and nodding your head in agreement, I promise!!
It's a MUST Read, check it out below.

 photo CuteSmile.gif

Robert Pattinson - Stoic Yet Shining Noir-Elegance
by Juliane Görsch

Pattinson, the phenomenon of the 21st century. Only a few actors - including his old flame and colleague Kristen Stewart - have stirred up so much discussion and controversies like Robert Pattinson. Yes, it has never been easy for young stars, after they have used a romantic movie to launch their careers. Just remember the time when so many people predicted Leonardo DiCaprio would have anything but a rosy future after his performance in the horribly underestimated epic romance Titanic. How could a beau like him turn into a successful actor, right? An undeserved nomination for a Golden Raspberry Award and an even more underserved win of this most irrelevant film prize of the world were the direct consequences - yet of course meaningless, like so many decisions in Hollywood.

Pattinson also knows a thing or two about this outrageous nonsense. Meanwhile it is often overlooked that, just like DiCaprio in Gilbert Grape, Robert Pattinson has already shown that he is more than meets the eye. Because why should legendary director David Cronenberg, who helped other actors like Viggo Mortensen to their breakthroughs as character actors, why should he cast Pattinson for Cosmopolis if he didn’t see his potential.

“Really, I’m telling you. He’s a great actor. It’s obvious in the movie. It’s not like maybe yes, maybe no. It’s obvious.” – David Cronenberg

In fact, it was Cosmopolis that has given Pattinson the chance to show off his diverse acting talent for the first time - as if it had always been his vocation to become the competitor of acting legend Alan Delon and the master of impersonators himself, Steve McQueen, by turning into the ice cold angel of the financial world. The way Pattinson walks through those alleyways is incredibly elegant - a rarity among young actors, especially if you compare that to how his Twilight colleagues are selling themselves. Moreover, Pattinson shows in an impressive way that he can not only be an exceptional actor but also be the leading force of a movie. Scenes like the prostate exam simply wouldn’t work with another actor. And I could watch that kind of act for hours, really. Fortunately, many critics who almost without exception praised his performance with words like “Pattinson is both subtle and spectacular”, were of the same opinion.

But even before Cosmopolis Pattinson had already proven his ability to play diverse roles - whether that was in a costume drama (Bel Ami) or typical Hollywood melodrama (Water for Elephants) - and showed that he wouldn’t let himself be outplayed by Oscar winners Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz. What one has to say, however, is that, with the exception of Cosmopolis, films of high quality have barely come his way. But that should change soon because he is currently the go-to-actor of the crime and thriller genre, just as Alan Delon and Humphrey Bogart were. Renowned directors will have to fight hard Pattinson, lest they can be sure their ambivalent characters are brought to life by a suitable and expressive character actor. Pattinson will not only fill the shoes of Peter O’Toole and play the young T.E. Lawrence in Queen of the Desert by Werner Herzog but he has also worked a second time with David Cronenberg in Maps to the Stars; alongside hopeful Mia Wiskowska and established actress Julianne Moore.

And so I’m waiting anxiously for that day that Pattinson, all Bogart-like in a white suit, will outplay everyone just be his mere presence and that he will finally discard his Twilight image - just like today no one is musing about DiCaprios-post-Titanic phase anymore. It won’t be an easy job for Pattinson, to prove all those skeptics out there wrong; all those people who had already formed an opinion about him before having even seen a single one of his Twilight movies. Pattinson is on the right track and despite the media frenzy and the over exaggerated posture of the critics and audience he’ll have a career that will one day make him one of the best in his field. I predict: Robert Pattinson is the man who will be loved by all movie fans in twenty years - no matter what their opinion of him is at this very moment.

Original Source  via FiestyCaz
Translation Source

The Cover Of Nan Goldin's "Robert Pattinson 1000 Lives" Book Featuring A NEW DiorRob Pic

Check out The Cover Of Nan Goldin's "Robert Pattinson 1000 Lives" Book which features A NEW DiorRob Pic. AND we now have a release date of 13th November. Let the countdown begin!

 photo happydance-1.gif

Did you catch the post where Nan spoke about photographing Rob? If you missed it, check it out HERE

And in case you're one of the few people on the planet who HASN'T pre-ordered this book already the links are below so you can go do it NOW!!

 photo NanGoldin100Lives-1.jpg

Well Hello There

 photo NanGoldin100LivesDiorRob.jpeg

Click for LARGE

 photo NanGoldin100Lives.jpg

Click below to Pre-Order On Amazon UK (FYI you don't have to live in the UK to order from Amazon UK ;-))

Pre- Order HERE On Amazon Germany

Thanks Sandra & Susie
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