Audio of Robert Pattinson during Breaking Dawn Press Conference

Audio of Robert Pattinson during Breaking Dawn Press Conference

This is heavenly! This is the audio of Rob's interivew we just posted (TodayOnline) so it seems like it's the international press conference.

He talks about his music and and vagueness around his filming plans for January right at the start! Listen to the whole thing. It's over 13 minutes of the sweet man's sexy voice.

Compilation of the questions but the audio is JUST Rob. :)))

  • Are you still working on music? Talks about his music plans, "trying to produce a couple of things, nothing concrete"
  • How different was it to prepare to be Edward Cullen this time?
  • What kind of say did you have in Edward's backstory?
  • What was filming your last day like?
  • Did you keep anything from the set?
  • Is Bella right to marry someone totally different?
  • How was filming the honeymoon scenes?
  • Have you learnt to deal with the Twilight mania?
  • What's next for you? Are you relieved its over?
  • Any theater roles in the future? "not my priority"
  • 9:10 Are you yourself when you are out there?
  • 9:48 Any scary and funny stories from the set? In Brazil, "300 people stuck in one house, with hurricane going outside with no food and no water", Taylor imprinting.
  • 10:35 Now, where do you want to live in the US or UK "
  • 11:01 Tell us something about your costars Kristen playing the trumpet "She's a natural", Taylor working out.
  • 11:55 How was doing topless scenes
  • 12:31 What kind of character would you like to play next? Someone with lots of energy.

Via: Robstenation


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