Janelle Froehlich (Breaking Dawn Part 2) compliments Robert Pattinson

Janelle Froehlich (Breaking Dawn Part 2) compliments Robert Pattinson

Were you like me and said, "Who?". Janelle is a vampire in Breaking Dawn Part 2. Her character's name is Yvette and she's part of the French coven. Pattinson Post spoke to her and here's the excerpt about Rob:

PP: Did you have any scenes with Robert Pattinson? What was he like on set?

JF: Amadou and I do have scenes with Robert Pattinson. He’s a very dedicated, gifted, and talented actor. It was a pleasure working with him, and with the entire cast. We all had a wonderful time working together on set.

Now if you're wondering who Yvette is, you're not going to be able to recall her since she's brand new. If you're interested, listen to the beginning part of this interivew from the Breaking Dawn red carpet and you'll get a little insight into the 2 new characters. Around 6:50, Melissa Rosenberg also talks creating the French coven.

Source: PattinsonPost Via: PattinsonLadies


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