David Cronenberg talks to MTV about Robert Pattinson being the guy for Cosmopolis

David Cronenberg talks to MTV about Robert Pattinson being the guy for Cosmopolis

FANTASTIC quotes...

From MTV:

The infamous birth scene in "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" may have drawn comparisons to the work of director David Cronenberg, but star Robert Pattinson got to work with the auteur for real in the upcoming "Cosmopolis," an adaptation of the novel by Don DeLillo.

The role represents a dynamic shift from the character fans around the world know Pattinson for, Edward Cullen, but Cronenberg, when he spoke with MTV News' Josh Horowitz, explained that the choice was nothing more than the normal casting process.

"You start with the basics. How old is he? What does he look like? Is the character very nerdy? Is he handsome and devilish?" Cronenberg said. "Is he an intellectual? You think about all these things and you think about the actors who could possibly project the things that you need from this character."

Once Cronenberg had a list of potential candidates for the "Ulysses"-inspired protagonist, Eric Packer, it is important to consider a star's profile in order to get the proper funding for the film. Cronenberg said that it takes an actor with a name like Pattinson to get his movies made.

After judging Pattinson's interest in the project and working around his schedule, it was clear to Cronenberg that he was the man for the job. "Ultimately, I felt he was the guy. Once again, intuition," he said. "I saw his movies, including ones maybe his Twi-Hard fans don't know about, like 'Little Ashes.' Maybe they saw 'Remember Me,' I'm not sure." (Tink: Oh we've seen them for sure *wink*)

As for Pattinson's "Twilight" reputation, it's something Cronenberg acknowledges. "I can't pretend that I'm not aware of that. This is an unusual jump for him. He said it himself. It's scary," Cronenberg said, adding that it's the scary part of it that makes it worthwhile. (Tink: We can not WAIT!) "It's a scary thing because he's never really had to carry a movie quite that way before, totally on his own," he said. "He's in every scene. He's almost in every shot, so scary for him, but for an actor, scary is good. You don't want to be bored. You don't want to be too confident." (Tink: Eeeeeeeeee!)

The question that will be on everyone's minds who goes to see the film may ultimately be, "Can the 'Twilight' kid actually act?" Cronenberg was quick to cast any doubt aside. "Really, he's fantastic. He's sensational," he said. "Really, I'm telling you. He's a great actor. It's obvious in the movie. It's not like maybe yes, maybe no. It's obvious."




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