Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in better quality People Magazine images + Extra dishes on the wedding

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in better quality People Magazine images + Extra dishes on the wedding

Marina made the sweetest and swooniest wallpaper from the recent People Magazine scans. It's the perfect accompaniment to the better quality images below and the inside scoop from an extra that was lucky enough to attend the filming of Breaking Dawn's top secret wedding.

Oh and try not to ugly cry with the lyrics Marina put on this wallpaper.


Click for HQ swoon!

Excerpted from the Vancouver Sun:

Before the ceremony, Robert Pattinson stood around being handsome and smoking at every chance. Kristen Stewart looked amazing in her modest gown, but appeared freaked out about something. They cuddled and he seemed to console her. It was a real-life drama playing out before us and all we extras could do was gawk. Aw, how sweet, they really love each other.

Then, a helicopter began to circle and production stopped. Walkie-talkies spouted angry instructions, security people scurried, and giant black umbrellas were opened over the actors to block views from the air. The battle against the paparazzi was on and we sat freezing for two hours waiting for a truce.

The next night’s scene was the wedding reception, on a set done up like a hobbit banquet. The Assistant Director looked us over and pointed to me and another woman. “You and you, the principal and the math teacher.” We were put into a shot where we had to mime congratulations and walk away, which made me feel more like the “fortunate few” and less of a production prisoner.

As the other gal and I worked out who was the principal and who the math teacher, we laughed about the set, the story and the now pouring rain. By the time we were face to face with Pattinson and Stewart we were suppressing snorts. I was dying to tell Stewart how much I loved Runaways, but we were bound by celebrity gag order, which made for the most awkward party moments ever.

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SPOILERY images after the cut!

iPad caps of People magazine. We already posted but these are not scans.

iPad Caps: Source | Article via: Robstenation


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