Robert Pattinson talks about Breaking Dawn and more to F Magazine (Singapore)

Robert Pattinson talks about Breaking Dawn and more to F Magazine (Singapore)


The print is horribly small on the scans so I transcribed some of the newer bits for you. Interview took place during Comic Con:
Interviewer: Do you look forward to the hype all being over and you can get back to doing other things?

Rob: Yeah but it's always a good thing to have a bit of hype, especially nowadays. But I don't know. I will be interested to see how people perceive me in a couple of years because it seems as though people have been talking about the same stuff about me for about three years now, so I am wondering how long that will go on for (Tink: Me too...). But I don't really know how to predict anything.

Interviewer: How is it professionally for you right now, because I guess you are looking for roles post-twilight, so what kind of scripts are you getting? Do you still feel you are trapped in that role, or are you being offered things that are allowing you to expand your repertoire?

Rob: I'm kind of in the same position. I guess the good thing is that because Twilight is so specific, and Edward is such a specific character...I've just realized my flies are undone (zips flies), that's a bit embarrassing...(Tink: *distracted*)...yeah he's so specific that you can't really get typecast; there are only so many parts that are benevolent vampires. You would be insane to do another one afterwards. Every single thing I've done since has seemed very difference, because it's almost impossible to do the same or something like that, everyone will say that you are doing the same movie if you ever do an action movie again, but I just don't have to do a benevolent vampire movie again or vampire love story.

Interviewer: Would you like to direct a movie?

Rob: Yeah, maybe. I would like to write stuff. I would really like to be a script doctor, that would be my ideal job, you get all the fun, creative stuff - all the parts of acting that I really like are really just figuring out how to make a script that doesn't work, work, (Tink: *snicker* Know who I'm thinking about?) and I would like to do that for other projects but you have to write some stuff first to get into that industry.

Interviewer: After comparing raising a child to raising a puppy the interviewer says: Trust me, it's nothing like having a puppy.

Rob: That's what I keep saying in other interviews that, "It's just like raising a dog, it's the same thing. You've just got to leave it alone and tell it to go tot the toilet outside." (Tink: LOL! He's too funny...can't you hear him saying this in his joking mimic voice?)

After the interviewer asked Rob about filming the sex scene, Rob made a comment that I found insane.

Rob: I don't know, it's strange, trying to do anything that's a singular even that everyone is expecting, but at the end of the day, with sex, watching other people have sex is never going to be that spectacular - hopefully it will be kind of good. It's a strange thing when there is so much hype about it so that you're like 'God, I hope this lives up to it.' (Tink: Right. Rob is not spectacular here. In no way spectacular. That back and....everything else is as boring as celery.)
Lick and save because it's not staying up. I just had a relapse into the deepest darkest recesses, that's all.

Let's continue...IF you can tear your eyes away.

Interviewer: What about the childbirth scene? That's pretty spectacular in the book. That's pretty horrific.

Rob: Yeah, I think that one is much more difficult to not make R-rated than the sex scenes. I mean, you see sex scenes in PG-13 films the whole time, you just turn the light down really low and it's a PG-13 (Tink: Oooooooooh...THAT'S why Rob's sex scenes are always so dark...and we all lighten them up LOL).

(Tink: Demonstration of lighter...)

Rob: It was horrible doing it. And especially because we did it with a real baby as well so almost immediately after this horrible - I don't know if you would call it a Caesarian, this chewing through the placental thing. I don't know, it was absolutely bizarre - then being covered in cream cheese and jelly to look was just horrible holding this baby. The baby was only about three months old, or two months - it was really young, maybe even only two weeks old, so I was like, "What a horrible introduction - this baby is never going to be an actor, ever."

Interviewer: I always wonder about mother who put their babies up for things like that.

Rob: She was just really nice. She was very calm about everything, just watching everything. People are so careful about everything, you'd be crazy not to be. I remember it being really cold on the set that day, so that was the one thing that I felt insanely nervous about - I had told everyone to put in all these heaters everywhere which steamed up all the windows and ruined the whole shot, but there was this poor baby having to have jam on its head and cream cheese on its head as well. I was like, "I'm really sorry! Please don't blame me for this!" (Tink: Could he BE any sweeter?)
After Rob talks about the increase of haters when you get well known for something, he says:
But also the great thing about Twilight fans is that they are all very, very vocal and they are very protective about stuff, so you always have an army of people defending you. (Tink: Damn right!)

Interviewer: It's like a sports team.

Rob: Yeah, it's like a team, that's exactly what it is with celebrities: people have fun hating on them and people have fun supporting them, it's just the way it is. It's really strange.

Interviewer: Do you ever look up stuff on the internet? Or do you totally avoid reading anything about yourself?

Rob: Sometimes, mainly for practical purposes, like if you feel like you have said something stupid you go and check to see what the backlash is about to see if I have to do another interview to dissipate that. It's always mainly just damage control all the time.

Interviewer: In hindsight, what do you think the importance or the value of the twilight franchise will be, looking back at it? What has it brought to our society, as it is so influential to the youth?

Rob: I think anything that gets young people reading is one thing that is pretty important. That was the same thing when I did Harry Potter: it's kind of amazing, but Harry Potter completely changed everything. I don't remember kids talking about books, and the young adult genre was so much smaller before Harry Potter, and thing like Twilight and Harry Potter just exploded. And also, in terms of the movies, doing things for a female audience - that changed things as well. I don't think it has really changed things yet but it made people in the industry aware that women - just solely women - are a legitimate audience for movies, which in a strange sort of way, is good for guys as well because I think the industry got convinced that the only people who go to the cinema were teenage boys, so every single movie that came out was directed towards them, but it you start making movies for women, it will eventually dissipate into just making dramas again - just non-action movies - because people think they are girly movies, and they are the movies I like! (Tink: phew! Take a breather, Rob. Great answer though. Mr. Reader Man of course loves that the kids are reading and I love that he gives women a shout out for being the driving force for the billion dollar series.)
The interviewer concludes with asking him how Comic Con has been and Rob says he wanted an Excalibur replica...LOL

My eyes are now cross because I essentially transcribed this whole article. Even when it's old quotes, Rob is still so compelling and I just couldn't stop.


Scans: Twifans via: Gossip Dance


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Ummmm.... I have never seen this GIF before tonight. I'm stunned and, maybe, possibly, totally panting.

I love this interview. So much.

Back to the GIF. [Pun not intended but it made me giggle anyway] Did anyone else have their eyes flutter closed and picture themselves as the silhouette under Rob? For, like, 30 minutes.... 

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