Video Roundup: Robert Pattinson talks Breaking Dawn and More

Video Roundup: Robert Pattinson talks Breaking Dawn and More

This one has the same kind of questions and answers so what's the highlight? Rob's bicep, forearm and telling Jacob to get out of his (Edward's) life. Jacobhate lives!

Rob thinks we aren't paying attention to his nudity in other films. Oh Rob. We are DEFINITELY paying attention. We lighten images and loop gifs just to pay more attention. We can't help it if the media is clueless. Fun sex talk in this video.

We already saw the first bit of this from Kate Spencer at The Fab Life but she got a second question in about the Snow White and The Huntsman trailer. Supportive guy is supportive.

Rob on the Berlin red carpet *shivers* talks about running on empty after the long Breaking Dawn Part 1 promo and what its like not having Kristen on the promo tour. The actual interivew starts at :40

Kristen mentioned Rob quickly at the end to Hola TV. Joking around during sex scene. If she was making THAT face during his sex scene shots then he needs a medal because baby was looking super sexy at all times. :)


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