Get Those Voting Fingers Out For Robert Pattinson

SO as we told you the other day MTV pitted Robert against himself by getting us to vote on either "Cosmopolis" or "Breaking Dawn Part 1"

Well the results are in and the winner in that round was "Cosmopolis" !!
So now it's time to get those voting fingers out again for the next round in the Movie Brawl.


"Cosmopolis" is up against "The Dark Knight" (and at the time of writing this "Cosmopolis" was well ahead) BUT come on people VOTE VOTE VOTE for ROB!!!

From MTV

Against all odds, defying all expectations, "The Twilight Saga" is no more… in the MTV Movie Brawl 2012, that is.

In the second Robert Pattinson vs. Robert Pattinson duel of this competition, it was the fan-favorite "Breaking Dawn: Part 2" that went down for the count, despite its status as the top vote getter in the initial play-in round and its performance in the Sweet 16. Rob's fans have made a grand statement by pushing "Cosmopolis" into the Final Four over "Twilight," showing that the majority of them are more invested in the actor's unknown future than his sparkly-skinned past.
(Kate:Hell YA!)

"Cosmopolis" beating "Breaking Dawn" is easily the upset of the tournament so far, but is there enough momentum to defeat "The Dark Knight Rises," Christopher Nolan's final dance with the Bat? Batman is a fearsome foe indeed, proving unexpectedly strong against both "The Avengers" and "Dark Shadows." If Gotham City can rally behind their hero one more time, Batman could well beat Rpattz for a trip to the final round.
(Kate: Not if WE have anything to do with it)

Head over HERE To Cast Your Vote & Show Batman Who's Boss

Rob also needs your votes in the Virgin Media Movie Awards.


He's up for a few different things over there

Guy Of The Year VOTE HERE

Best Drama of the Year for "Water for Elephants" VOTE HERE

Best Family Move of The Year for "Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1" VOTE HERE

Scene of The Year: "Breaking Dawn Part 1" VOTE HERE

And finally Most Wanted Movie Of the Year: "Breaking Dawn Part 2" VOTE HERE

You know what you have to do



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