Robert Pattinson spotted in London + Child 44 rumors

Robert Pattinson spotted in London + Child 44 rumors

He's alive!!! Rob has been here there and everywhere if you believe every rumored sighting but earlier today he was spotted in London by multiple sources in an office building.


Aww baby don't be mad. You went into a building with females. They knew once they felt...


Here's a summary of the tweets:

RachelFabMag: Editor of Fabulous magazine
So The Hulk is on The Sun floor, Robert Pattinson is with the Sunday Times and just spotted on my floor Mr Rupert Murdoch. What a guestlist! we think it’s for an interview. We think he’s doing something with the Sunday Times – not sure though. He’s on another floor now – sadly he was only spotted fleetingly.

bethneil: Celebrity Editor at Fabulous magazine
Er…Robert Pattinson is currently in our office reception. Cue massive hormonal stampede from the Fabulous office. Yes in London. No entourage, just him. R-Patz update: he’s apparently here to do something or other with the Sunday Times. As if R-Patz wasn’t enough, Hulk Hogan and Rupert Murdoch are also here. Just another average day at Fabulous towers…

Ellieomahoney: Lifestyle Editor at The Sun’s Fabulous magazine
Just raced up to canteen avec my editor and ed assistnt to see if we could spot R-Patz who is appaz IN THE BUILDING! Sad to say he eluded us. R-Patz defs in the building but with another newspaper.



What's this got to do with Child 44? Nothing really but Rob in London had my mind working overtime (and I'm not alone).

Things that make you go "HMMMMM" after the cut!
Last time we met on here regarding those rumors, the odds of Rob's involvement felt slim. Click HERE for a refresher but basically, the film has no IMDb page, Ridley Scott was no longer directing according to the On The Grid source and Rob just cut his hair for kicks.

But the fandom never rests and we're all dying to know what's next for Rob.

On The Grid 's Child 44 page keeps updating the date but no other information. Some movement also popped up on twitter from two young men located in the UK who auditioned for Child 44:

Luke_T_Taylor tweeted (from last week):
Got an audition on Tuesday with Ridley motherfuckin’ Scott!!!
sam_smith123: No, its for a film called Child 44
maximbaldry tweeted (from last week):
audition with Ridley Scott on Tuesday! PUMPED
regarding when he would start working: throughout march if I get the part
Penciled in as Mischa in Ridley Scott’s Child 44
regarding Rob in the role: I am not sure bud
The men don't seem like trolls when you read through their feed so it's looking like the film is more present than we previously thought. Could a certain someone have cut their hair for screen testing?




It makes your mind wander even when we essentially have no idea. See what the drought does? Not only has Rob hibernated, he's hibernated with no verified project on the horizon that we're allowed to know about. We "know" about Rob's life but we don't know. Ya know?


So we're left to wander aimlessly through the internets looking for hints, screeching at boys, (dramatic reenactment) "IS ROB AT THAT AUDITION?!?!", checking in with credible tweeters who are also clueless...all of us awaiting the message from the heavens:

"Robert Pattinson will be starring in...."


Thanks to @Alice_InTwiland, @SkylarLSpencer, @unpetitpeuK, Spunk Ransom & RPMoms


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