Why did Robert Pattinson cut his hair? You guys want to talk about it.

Why did Robert Pattinson cut his hair? You guys want to talk about it.

The DR is buzzing about Rob's buzz cut and it's not just about him lookin' gooooood...


Here's the bottom line. No one knows. My money is on "because he wanted to". However, we received several emails and tweets today about Child 44 which means you guys want to talk about it.

What do we know about Child 44? Not much really. The rumor popped up in the fandom in November. Click HERE to revisit the commentary collected at Spunk Ransom. It stemmed from a mention of Rob attached to the project on a website, On The Grid. Well, the rumor is back again because they updated their post today.


The NY Times has different information though. Ridley Scott is attached as director and the studio is listed as FOX. Also, Rob's name is not on the page. Click HERE to check it out.

There's no IMDb page for the film and if Rob cut his hair for that role, wouldn't there be a page at this stage of production? Even pre-production?

UPDATE: RPAustralia tweeted us this info she found on IMDb Pro regarding people supposedly attached to this film: Ridley has nothing slated as pre-production. No Child 44 either, but has 40 projects in development. Michael Costigan currently filming The East with Skarsgard. Richard Price is working on a screenplay called 36 with De Niro as producer. Child44 isn't even listed on Summit's projects in development.

I know everyone is biting at the bit to hear about Rob's next project. He teased a January time frame at lease twice during Breaking Dawn promo.

Click HERE to watch the interview (BD press junket in the UK) but I made a soundbite of the "shooting something in January..." bit.

Shooting something in January by tinkrbe1l3

We didn't forget, Rob!
Another mention at the start of this video, although he doesn't say the word "shooting" like he does in the audio clip.

So if Rob actually cut his hair for a role in January...a role many of you speculate it might be this mysterious Child 44...it just doesn't add up. Maybe I'm giving IMDb too much credit but if they were shooting this month with FOX and Ridley Scott at the helm, I think they'd have a page and there would be MUCH conversation about it among credible industry sites.

I know we're all going crazy here. What is he doing next?? I'm in the boat of believing Rob's people lurk his fansites. *waves to Nick and Stephanie*
So lurk this, guys! Throw us a bone. What's next for our favorite human being evah?

Hopefully, Rob will attend a more prestigious award show where he wears a tux (MERCY!) and walks the carpet to talk upcoming projects (PLEASE!). If not, we have Bel Ami promo to look forward to. Someone in the press is bound to ask (Josh!) and maybe fans can too. A fan asked Rob about Bel Ami in the autograph line for Jimmy Kimmel and he said probably February. You never know what he'll say unless you ask. So ask away if you happen to meet him during promo and we haven't gotten an answer (and make sure you record it).

For now, feel free to discuss and speculate your hopes for Rob's next venture.
You never know who's watching. ;)

Thank you Fab & Kate for working with me on finding the January mention. 


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