Robert Pattinson talks Breaking Dawn, Bear, and More to Tu Magazine

Robert Pattinson talks Breaking Dawn, Bear, and More to Tu Magazine

This interview is from Breaking Dawn promo and some things are familiar but a couple of bits made me go, "I didn't know that!". For example....when was Bear in Arizona?? Not like we'll get the answer to this but it's something new. :)


Google translated so read on at your own risk ;)
The boy is lovely. That was the feeling that we passed when we met in Los Angeles. The idea was that we spoke with that of the first part of Dawn, the latest title in the Twilight books and movies that we see in two movies. But not satisfied with the strictly professional, snatch also got classified information about his personal life …

And yes, live, Rob’s eyes are as or more blue on the screen without actually vampiric limits. The day of our conversation went shaven, with a hairstyle that can hardly encourage anyone, not even him, the court with which you may already have seen some pictures of late summer (2011) and is asymmetric and shorter in some areas of the head than in others. He wore a dark shirt, rather old, a blue sports jacket and mustard-colored trousers and sleeves rolled low. Everything in this style independent and rebellious look that fits so well.

This is what he said:

What scene did you more nervous during the filming of Breaking Dawn? 
Rob: I’m a little ashamed to say, but what was more embarrassed me take my shirt off. In the books there are many parties involved in the body of Edward and I had managed to avoid having to take my clothes off almost the entire series, because I would say in the book that happens every three pages (laughs) but there came a time when no made sense to take the shirt on if he was at sea.

Did you like filming in Brazil? 
Rob: Yes, I was nice and different. Filming in the country was definitely very interesting. One of the curious things about having fans around the world is that each country has a different reaction to you and to the film. When you’re shooting in Canada or the United States people are trying to take a picture, on the streets of Brazil literally people try to grab. Also happens on the set while you’re shooting (laughs).

Brazilians were hot? 
Rob: They are very passionate. There were about 400 people outside our hotel in Rio who kept screaming “Rob! Kristen!. All the while until three in the morning, stopped for four hours because it was obvious they needed some sleep and after it began again. When they were all quiet and looked out the window were all standing alone in silence, a silence that lasted very little. was amazing.

Tell us something more than Kristen. 
Rob: The only thing I like to watch on TV is the cooking channel, especially when you’re on set, usually have it on while in the makeup trailer, is the only diva behavior, (laughs) have always put the channel kitchen at all times and everywhere.

What role do you think has played “Twilight” in our society? How important have you had? 
Rob: I think anything that helps young people to read is important. Was the same thing happened with “Harry Potter”. It’s amazing, this series completely changed everything. I do not remember the guys talked about books before., And the genre of literature for young adults was much lower before “Harry Potter” and “Twilight.”

What we say about the movies? 
Rob: With them also changed the fact that films were made for a female audience. I do not think things have changed at all yet, but made people in the industry was aware that women, alone they are a legitimate audience for movies. I think before the industry was convinced that the only ones who were going to film teenage boys were boys and all things were directed at them.

Would you be a fan of the series if you were not there? 
Rob: I do not know. It’s funny because I’m a bit antisagas, I like to support small projects. Although perhaps a bit unfortunate to say, I think these movies if I would like to have something different and strange. Although I am not sure I understand why everyone goes crazy for them.

Would you like to stop the fans make so much attention and being obsessed with you? 
Rob: The only thing that bothers me about this is that you become famous as the number of people who hate you and detractors is the same as the fans. However if you never get to be so big no one listens to you. I remember before Twilight, is there something about my internet, all comments were positive, but when your image comes to saturate the media that just crazy people. I do not know why. That’s the only thing that bothers me. The good thing about the fans of “Twilight” is that you do hear a lot and are very protective. Always have an army of people to defend yourself.

So you like to see on the internet say about you? 
Rob: Sometimes, but I do it for practical purposes, of a sudden I think I said something stupid and I’m curious to know who is commenting on it to see if I have to give another interview to clarify. Of what it is to control the damage that has been done.

What is the best of fame? 
Rob: I’m living a life that I never imagined existed. This can delay for long the fact of becoming adult, but no less fun. You can meet interesting people. There are very few jobs where people really love what they do. It’s great to go to work every day and feel that people are excited about it and think you are doing something great.

Tell us about “Bear”, your dog. 
Rob: I found it in Baton Rouge, two days before we left, since everywhere with me, maybe you’ve been in more places than the average person. He has lived in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, New York and Arizona.

A very human gesture for a vampire do not you think? 
Rob: I wanted to have a friend who could not speak (laughs)

Inevitably I ended our time. Robert behaved very kind to say goodbye and thank us up for the interview. The best of this meeting was to find “Bear” who had just given a tour of the hotel.

Scans: Source | Google Translation: SpunkRansom | Via: GossipDance


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