Compilation Video Of Interviews With Robert Pattinson

Compilation Video Of Interviews With Robert Pattinson from "Remember me",

There's one new question asked in the vid (the BD one) the rest we've seen/heard before.

From Brad to RPattz - another heartthrob, when he arrives on the red carpet - the girls' heart beats get louder along with their screaming.
As the fans requested, we're gonna see Robert this week as 'hot in hollywood' we're gonna see a reportage about his life with exclusive interviews.
It's true that the world-wide fame came to Rob Pattinson with the Twilight movies but his professional life in cinema started when he was a young man in the Harry Potter movies.
1:06 : the fans' passion about twilight had always been exceptional. and Robert's life changed all of a sudden.
1:40 : what was the biggest challenge about playing Edward?
2:10 : in real life, Robert Pattinson is really shy.
2:43 : and he gave us some more details about the upcoming movie Breaking Dawn Part 2
3:25 : and the last time Kristen and Robert visited London, they preferred to get out of their hotel separately like the whole world doesn't know about their offscreen relationship.

Here's a little refresher of the Water for Elephants & Breaking Dawn Interviews for those of you that want to go down memory lane

Original Vid YouTube via Robstenation


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