Robert Pattinson Birthday Countdown: New/Old Breaking Dawn Promo Fan Videos

Robert Pattinson Birthday Countdown: New/Old Breaking Dawn Promo Fan Videos

Rob being awesome to his fans and fans adoring and celebrating him in return.

It's been a week long celebration of this for Rob's birthday countdown and we still have one more day to honor his awesomeness. I told you guys I'd share my cringeworthy videos. They go well with the theme so here goes.

Jimmy Kimmel

I love the Kimmel video. You hear how quiet it was. Peaceful. We were in a holy place. It was like we didn't want to scare the angel away. I got the lead in...he's heading towards our group. Then he's so close, you hear the pen on the paper. GAWD. Listen to his soft voice after..."sure". GAH. I'm all up in that and then...I abandon ship. Flip cam gets the shaft and I go on autopilot. I gave him his gifts, he laughed, he told me I'm ahead of the game, I sound more confident than I am, I ask for a picture, I can't hold the camera for the life of me and ask him if he'll take the picture. I don't like how I sound. I feel like I was like, "Take our picture!" but I also didn't remember any of this dialogue at the time. I didn't even know he told me I was ahead of the game until I played back the tape. And I even replied! I'm psycho. I need to get a grip. Especially when he tells me nice to meet me. You hear the crazy in my tone starting to break through.

Once Rob moved down to C, I snatched the flip cam back up and captured the rest of his holy visit. Some highlights? I'm all up in his neck LOL, you see him come back to C to fix their picture like the sweetheart he is, I get good video of him with M, you see the hound all polite now asking for Rob's picture and then you hear when we start to unravel, including the hound ("Can I see my picture?") LOL :) Rob is the greatest.

MORE videos to go with yesterday's pictures after the cut!

Handprinting ceremony

This video you've probably seen before because it's the whole ceremony. It's comical to me when the actual handprinting happens because we couldn't see on the fan side. You could hear fans getting rowdy about it. LOL The ceremony ends around 16:20. Kristen dashed off to the fans and Rob started to walk away but then he turns back and I panic. The camera goes nuts while I fumble for Lord knows what...had to be my camera. C is asking me questions during this critical time and you even hear me say "oh God" when that glorious man comes strutting into view around 16:58. My camera work is mental up until 17:44 when I lose it completely. I drop it like a hot potato because Rob is upon me. You see how close he is and you can tell I'm next. C is saying we aren't going to get a picture and I insist, "yes we will." :)

Then video is....bad. During this time, I got my picture with Rob, gave him his gift, took a pic with Kristen, C & M got their pictures, a child was born, an angel got its wings...all that. I barely hear myself in this video but I got the pictures to fill in the gaps.

I resuscitate the video at 20:30 just in time for cutie Rob to be nosy with what Kristen was signing. At some point, C had my flip camera and got this final scene. Don't kill me over this video. It's rough out there! Mentally and physically...

This one is short and funny. Rob with that silver sharpie. LOL I can't tell how I was taking this video because I thought I was taking pictures only. Lord, I have no idea. All the recording you're trying to do in his presence AND stay alive. It's just too much.

Breaking Dawn Part 1 Premiere

Man alive. This is when I fangirl for Nick and Stephanie. I think they're pretty awesome. I would fangirl over Dean too but he's a tough cookie. I prefer to stick to Nick. He responds to me. *waves to Nick* Stephanie scared me at WFE premiere when she called out the fan blogs for saying she looked pregnant. Oh lord. It wasn't me. It was NOT me, Stephanie.

You'll notice there's a small little voice that is pleading to stop squishing her. This was a child a mother let loose into the cage of wild women. She was on the front line and was being pushed into the barricade. This is what happens. You try to push back but it's pointless. You're on the front line? You are ON the front line. Little girl kept looking at me and I had to tell her it ain't me. When I shifted away from her, she was squashed more so I moved back because I was at least aware of her. All this is silly because you hear who made her forget allllll about the squishing ("Raaaahbert...Raaahhhbert").

If you watch carefully, you also see when Stephanie slyly noticed the Cosmopolis still I had out for Rob to sign (The first still we had of him pointing the gun). She sneakily points it out to Nick who also tries to slyly look. I get why they don't want to give the fans much attention. We're crazy and they're working. However, this is Nick and Tink we're talking about. He doesn't ignore me, say the voices in my head. And that's when he looked right at me and said, "That's awesome." Then I try to be all cool with Marina and ask if she heard that. You don't see Rob in this video but you sure hear us trying to see him. Mayhem. Premieres are mayhem

Here's a quicky of Rob from Marina and you get a little neck stretch too. :)

I think Marina took this video because of the lady pleading to Nick. He tells her sorry and then ignores her. Had I been next to her, I could have talked to Nick, got her the hook up. ;P

Rob is there...blink and you definitely miss him.

Marina got this quickie vid of Rob and Kristen from behind.

Marina took this video of all of us a couple of days before the premiere. No Rob but Edward aaaaaaand.....this is what happens at Tent City after happy hour at the Yardhouse.
Drunk New Moon commentary. We were told to shut up and we left soon after the break go to another bar. FUN TIMES!

Breaking Dawn Part 1 Twicon

This was a hot mess. I had great seats for Eclipse Twicon (2nd row center!) but was 13 rows back this time. When I watched this video again, I wondered why on earth I went. But that was a silly thought. I go wherever I can when PromoRob is in town. The vid is a little over 3 minutes. Put this on mute if you're going to watch. The screams are wild and I still get a bitchface when I hear Bill Condon's story. Mute is best. I didn't take much video because I knew fandom would have better shots (pics and vid) and my eye sight was actually better than the camera so I just relaxed and watched the man be sexy and funny. Relax. Something you can tell from the videos above, I rarely do with him around. ;)


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