Robert Pattinson talks about Bel Ami, Cosmopolis, Twilight, Cannes, future plans and more (translated)

Robert Pattinson talks about Bel Ami, Cosmopolis, Twilight, Cannes, future plans and more (translated)


Two translated articles. You know the drill.

They cover a range: Bel Ami, Cosmopolis, Twilight, David Cronenberg, Kristen Stewart, his music, his future, filming in France, getting married and being a dad, being in the public eye, Brad Pitt, working with Kristen again, Cannes, feeling lucky, desired vampire ability, craziest request from a fan and why it took 3 years for us to see DuRob.

Translated articles after the cut!
From M Magazine (Austria):
M: Robert, with Bel Ami you have already tried to emancipate yourself from Twilight. Now you have Cosmopolis. Aren't you scared you're gonna lose a lot of fans?
Rob: No because I always try to take really interesting parts that my fans could like as well. For me, doing small, interesting movies is a really great option to have a career after Twilight.

M: And what remains from Twilight?
Rob: What remains is the reassurance that we created a memorable movie series. I don't really understand how the character Edward got so popular. The majority says, "He's just so sexy!". Others say, "It's the way he loves Bella. That one I can understand more. With time the movies got more and more romantic as well because there were so many conflicts in the story and because Bella and Edward had to fight for their love.

M: Do you feel a lot of pressure to be successful whenever you take on a new part?
Rob: While shooting I don't feel any kind of pressure really but it's really strange that everyone knows what you do and say. You really have to be careful not to hurt anyone and not to say anything wrong.

M: You and Kristen Stewart can never really escape the media... Everyone's always talking about your "relationship"...
Rob: Like I said, it's just important to pay attention to what you do and say when you're in the public eye. Now if I show up with a girl somewhere it's immediately suggested we're dating. Even when I show up with a guy somewhere.

M: Will you be working together in the future?
Rob: Kristen and I are trying to write a script right now because she has an instinct for good stories. Also I've been throwing around ideas for some short movies that I wanna do as a director sometime. It's gonna be a while tho till I'm there because first I have to learn from all the amazing directors I get to work with. That interests me a lot.

M: What made you want to play in "Cosmopolis"?
Rob: I thought the topic was really interesting. I locked myself up in my hotel room for two weeks and learned the text. It shouldn't be changed because it was based on a novel by Don DeLillo. I thought that was really nice because for me it felt like I was singing a song in front of the camera. At the same time, sometimes it felt like we were shooting a documentary because as we were shooting the scene with the protests, the evening news reported about the actual protests of the Occupy-Wall-Street-Movement.
From Télé Câble SAT Magazine (France)
Bel Ami is different from the Twilight movies that made you an international star. Why this movie?
Rob: I forced myself from the beginning to do different movies between each Twilight films because it made me feel better to become a normal guy again with no excessive makeup or contact lenses. That's why I wanted to do Bel Ami. I knew of Maupassant's novel because I love French literature. The only regret I have is that we filmed in Hungary instead of Paris.

Why didn't you film in France?
Rob: It's very difficult to find the Paris from Guy de Maupassant in the French capital today. Whereas there's hundreds of streets in Budapest that look like Paris from the 19th century. But I hope to film in France soon.

Do you already have a project that would allow that?
Rob: David Cronenberg has a film idea that could be done in France and I would be thrilled to collaborate with him again.
You were recently in Cannes for his movie Cosmopolis, what was your best memory of the festival?
Rob: It sort of an embarrassing one that dates from a few years back when I came for Twilight. I ended up facing a human tide when I left the beach. Bodyguards had to carry me over the crowd so I could go back to my car. It was surreal but I rather laugh about it. This year with Cannes, with Cosmopolis in competition, I really felt like I was here for all the right reasons.

Is it true that Brad Pitt gave you tips on how to handle the crowds at Cannes?
Rob: No, Cannes is a infernal spiral. The best advice I got was to keep my head down so I wouldn't lock eyes with other people.

With all the media attention do you still manage to live a normal life?
Rob: I refuse to complain about my fate. I tell myself that I need to brace myself and wait for a years to pass. At the beginning of the Twilight success, people would call me Edward in the streets. I don't think I'm the one they're fascinated by, but my character.

Do you happen to think that you might not deserve all of this? Do you sometimes feel guilty?
Rob: Not guilty but lucky for sure. My ambition is to last so I'm going to work hard because I feel like the current craze will die down eventually.

What do you when you're not filming, giving out interviews or trying to escape your fans?
Rob: I sleep. I'm a pretty shy guy, I prefer the quiet of my hotel room to a night out in a club.

In Bel Ami, your character goes from one female to another to climb the social ladder. Do you relate to this role?
Rob: I did happen to flirt with several girls before I was famous ... but it never worked. In real life, girls used to blow me off. *laughs*

It took more than 3 years for Bel Ami to get released, why?
Rob: Because of a crazy reason: an American studio was very interested by the movie but they wanted to change the end. They didn't want a tragic ending, maybe to keep it open in hopes of a sequel *laughs*. To take a masterpiece and change its outcome for marketing reasons is just ridiculous to me. So it took time to find a distributor that would bring out the movie on the screen while keeping Maupassant's story untouched.

In the last Twilight movie - which comes out in France on November 14th - your character becomes a dad. Could you identify with him?
Rob: Kristen said that her most difficult scene to shoot was the birthing of the baby. I admit that this is far out in my mind but she was the one who had to fake a delivery, not me. *laughs* I don't see myself married or as a dad but that's what the cinema is for. To step into someone's else shoes, someone who could be the complete opposite from you, I love that.

Where are you now when it comes to your music?
Rob: It's something that I keep in me and I don't have much time to focus on it right now. By spending months in Los Angeles, I realized that all the young actors want to be musicians or singers too. It's a cliché I'd like to avoid. I love playing guitar but for now I'm playing as a passionate enthusiast. the cinema comes first!

What's the craziest thing a fan ever asked you?
Rob: I found it funny the first time a girl asked me to bite her neck.

Which vampire powers would you like to have: immortality, strength or the power to fly?
Rob: The power of invisibility ... No need to explain to you why. *laughs*

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