Robert Pattinson spotted arriving at LAX (Sept. 3)

Robert Pattinson spotted arriving at LAX (Sept. 3)

UPDATE: Maybe I'm winning my bet...the girl who saw him just tweeted the following:

@athenachen0126: yup! Just an hour or so ago! He was headed to a connecting flight! I'm not sure if he's staying in LA or not but he could possibly either be transferring or going to a private exit :) 

I don't know. We never know until we know. Rob is the international man of mystery.

A fan spotted Rob at LAX and now I'm nervous...

From @athenachen0126: Zomg, staring at Robert Pattinson at the airport in the customs line next to me~ Ridiculous!

I made a bet with @RobPattzNews in NYC that Rob wouldn't be at the VMAs. This doesn't bode well for my bet. Rob had been rumored to be in London since finishing Cosmopolis promo but this is the first we're seeing of him for almost 2 weeks.

There's also the rumor of the Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer coming this RPN is feeling pretty good about her bet that Rob would attend VMAs to intro the new trailer for the US. Eeeeeek! We'll have to wait and seeeeeeee! I'll happily lose the bet if it means we get some PromoRob on Thursday. :D

Are you guys glad she circled and labeled the man that's Rob? I wasn't sure for a second there....


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