Fanvids: Robert Pattinson - "I Follow You"

Fanvids: Robert Pattinson - "I Follow You" 

I like Lykke Li :) It was cool to have her song blended in with eclectic Rob footage and movies. And the song is on the money. I bought it last night and have been jamming out to it all day going to and from work.

I, I follow, I follow you, deep sea baby! If you guys want this version, make sure you buy The Magician Remix of I Follow Rivers. It's got more oomph to it than the original. Thanks to reader, Светлана Недзвецкая, for the heads up on her video!

Another vid that goes with goes with our theme...what theme you ask? Aside from Rob being awesome to look to, these musical selections are so upbeat, I feel like I should be working out. Seriously. Put them on your workout playlist and burn some calories while you think about Rob. Or have a car party like me. :)


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