SOLD! Robert Pattinson's artwork, Unfinished City, brings in $6,400 for charity!

SOLD! Robert Pattinson's artwork, Unfinished City, brings in $6,400 for charity!

UPDATE: Page Mackinley from The Inquisitr talked to Tim over the phone and got some more info. Tim was quoted saying the following:
“Robert heard about us through his assistant Jeff [last name omitted by request.] Jeff grew up with Cory Parsons, a key member of the Home Plate Project team.” [along with Luis Calderon.]  
“[He was] really excited to create something to help the project,” Emory says.  
Bidding began on July 20 and finished midnight, August 31. In a phone call, Emory said early bids for Pattinson’s plate began at $ 150. But after Robsessed — a Robert Pattinson fan site — started publicizing the auction, that figure jumped to $ 1,500 within three hours. Then, things got crazy.  
“Bids came in from all over,” says Emory. “There was a worldwide response due to Robert Pattinson’s participation. It’s really what got us all the attention and helped us raise all this money.”  
“I’m humbled and excited by how much the [Arizona] community have embraced the project. They not only donated money and services, but their time,” he said. “The fact that a superstar like Robert Pattinson was willing to take the time to do a personal sketch is amazing,” says Emory.  
“It took us from a good little project to something that raised over $ 50, 000.”  
Asked if Pattinson was aware of the success of the fundraiser and how much his “Unfinished City” plate went for, Emory said the actor was told when the bid hit $ 3000 and that today his assistant texted Pattinson the final, stonker bid.
It's a great write up and ROBsessed is mentioned :) Click HERE to read it in its entirety! I got to say thanks to @lifeloveartfilm who contacted me the evening we first posted about the home plate. She asked me if I thought it was real and that led to me contacting Tim and the rest is history. Tim and Cory are awesome and I'm pretty sure I got Rob two more men to add to his super exclusive male fan base.

While we spearheaded this project within the fandom, pretty much all the major fansites that blog about Rob news posted the initial announcement and helped bring attention to this great cause. We're proud of Rob's talent and we're proud of his fandom that adores him.

Rob's Unfinished City was sold for $6,400!!!


In the home stretch is was CRAZY! Aside from doubling the weeks long stagnant bid of $3,000 in the final hours, the one-of-a-kind artwork went up by $2,000 in the final minutes!


Congratulations to the winner and we hope it's a devoted Rob fan. Either way, the artwork raised a nice amount of money for a worthy cause, Ozanam Manor, championed by the Home Plate Project - Arizona Diamondbacks' fundraising program (D-backs Give Back).

Click HERE if you missed any of the HQ pictures of Rob's art or the information behind his participation.

The Power of Rob cannot be denied!


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Congrats to you and all invloved. WOW !!

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