Celebrating 4 Years of ROBsession

Today we are celebrating our 4 years online! Happy birthday to all ROBsessors around the world! 


4 years ago today Robert Pattinson was in Mexico and the craziness began. He found himself in the middle of thousands of screaming fans and we found ourselves in awe/love/lust with him.

We had about 20 visitors that first day, all of whom were a group of amazing ladies (RKs) who were shooed off from a blog that was deleting our comments. I started this blog so we could all chat in the comments without being moderated. I am proud to say our comments are still not moderated and that ROBsessors (usually) keep to the "proper crassness" rule :)

YOU, our readers, make this blog what it is. Thank you so much for coming back multiple times a day to check what Rob is upto now, to check what other ROBsessors are upto and to see what the crazy bloggers posted this time. Without you we would just be 4 lunatics laughing at our inner thoughts. Hope we bring a smile to your faces everyday. This blog is our happy place and hope it's yours as well.

We followed Rob through his Twilight days and in the coming months we'll follow him through the end of an era. We know better things are coming for him and we can't wait to experience them with you.

Thank you Rob for being you. If it wasn't for your charm, wit, grace and sexiness we could never work 24/7 on this blog. Thanks for promising to shower us with goodies and lots of RobPorn over the month. You are very special to us and to the community of ladies in the dark recesses ;)

Thanks to Dani and the RobKats for the encouragement and help to start the blog. Without your wit and craziness it would never work out. Thanks to my partners in crime Kate, Kat and Tink who dedicate so much time to our "little blog that could". They make sure that no picture or video is left behind :)

To celebrate our birthday @SlaveforRob made a brilliant video collage of Robert Pattinson's events and public appearances. Thanks Bru! It reminded us once again, why we love him...

Thank you all! We Love you from the bottom of our hearts,
Gozde, Kate, Kat and TINK


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