Robert Pattinson Talks to CNN (Mexico) About Dior, Edward & Fatherhood

Robert Pattinson Talks to CNN Mexico About Dior, Edward & Fatherhood

Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE dubbed interviews??
We have a transaltion below for this one thanks to


How do you feel about the end of the saga? Happy, sad, relieved?
 Rob: Definitely proud. We still have to look at what it’s become, because we’re still immersed in it. Perhaps in 10 years when I watch the DVDs…it’s crazy… I still don’t understand why people watch the movies, there’s no separation.

Have you watched it with the fans? 
Rob: Not this one.

But you did last night, and there are some very passionate fans. 
Rob: Yeah

Will you miss Edward? 
Rob: Definitely. He’s very familiar to me. It’s strange to think I won’t portray him any more.

In Breaking Dawn you portray a young father, well he’s not really young, he’s 107 years old. Do you see yourself as a young father? 
Rob: He’s responsible enough. I don’t know. I don’t think so. A lot of my friends are having children and I’m starting to notice I’m not that young but, yeah, I don’t think men have any idea how to be parents. It just happens.

What do you have in common with Edward and did he teach you anything? 
Rob: I think I’m patient. I think (laughs) That’s how I would summarize it. And what did he teach me? I don’t know, not to be so introspective. I think in this film he comes out of his shell more. He stops thinking inwardly so much and tries to project himself outward. I think that’s important.

Are we going to see something with a fragrance? We’ve heard comments about Dior. You’re a stylish guy so why not? Everyone does it? 
Rob: I don’t know. I think there’d be some sort of announcement if it happens.



Gozde said...

Lindo,lindo ,lindo, LO AMO, LO AMO, LO AMOOOOOOOOOOO.

Gozde said...

After everyone reported it like a fact when it wasn't, we have still not heard a thing about him signing with Dior. So ridiculous that only THR decided to actually fact check the story before they posted it.

Gozde said...

what's spanish for "lol?":)

Gozde said...

come one. fact checking is an iobsolete thing. not suitable for the twentyfirst century:)

Gozde said...

Does anybody know if he has seen any of the Twilight films.......actually sat and watched them? I get the impressions he hasn't!! :-)

Gozde said...

But he doesn't deny it. There must have been some talks.

Gozde said...

Yes he kind of said: 'leave me alone, wait for announcement'

Gozde said...

Hope it comes to fruition....! Rob's own brand name and he should get the royalties instead of others trying to capitalize on his name....!

Gozde said...

In a previous Japanese interview he said, "he wants to be a young dad"., whether he's joking or not we'll never know. Perhaps if he's got an older/more mature partner like TomStu, there might be a chance but no way Jose at the moment I think....

Gozde said...

There probably were, or still are, but everyone didn't report that he was in talks to sign with Dior, they all reported that it was a done deal, but it's not.

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