Ground control to 246789 Pattinson! Robert Pattinson rocks our world AND the universe

Ground control to 246789 Pattinson! Robert Pattinson rocks our world AND the universe

It's no shock that we basically orbit around Rob. He's our sun and we, his adoring planets. But does Rob know he's now cosmic for real? His otherworldliness is officially among the heavens?

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No joke, you blazing rock god, you! This bit of galactic information came crashing down from Russia's RIA Novosti:
A Russian astronomer has named an asteroid he discovered after teen heartthrob Robert Pattinson, famous for playing a vampire in the popular “Twilight Saga” film series. 
Amateur astronomer Timur Kryachko, who found the 2-kilometer-wide space rock with a commercial Astrotel telescope, which can retail for about $1,000, conceded to RIA Novosti that the name was his wife’s idea. 
The rock, discovered in our solar system’s asteroid belt on February 24, 2009 and initially identified as 2009 DM89, was listed on Wednesday in a registry published by the International Astronomical Union as 246789 Pattinson. 
There is no chance that the asteroid will impact Earth, unlike Pattinson, a former model who has won the hearts of teenage girls across the world with his role as Edward Cullen, a compassionate “vegetarian” vampire who only feeds on animal blood, in all five “Twilight” films.
Ok so we need to start buying thousand dollar telescopes so we can see 246789 Pattinson, amirite??
Kidding aside, who is the wife? Show yourself. I know you're in here. I know you reside in the dark recesses. You are totally ROBsessed if your astronomer husband comes home to tell you he discovered a new marvel in our infinitely, mind-blowing galaxy and you say, "We shall call it Robert Pattinson."
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Thanks S for the "Up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a it's Rob!" heads up ;)


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