Robert Pattinson Pics & Report From The Set Of 'Life' In Toronto (Feb 20th)

Mr Will Wong was on the set of Life in Toronto yesterday where he reports that Robert Pattinson nearly had a nasty fall in the icy conditions. But never fear people Dean was on hand to take care of him!

Check out Will's pics and report below


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Filming took place today in the Downtown Core at a Building ridden with Bedbug problems in the past, with both external and internal shoots taking place for much of the afternoon. As a torrential downpour of sloshy wet snow handicapped the City midday, the Shoot moved indoors where a Movie Premiere scene within the Film had commenced. 

The Film’s Star, Pattinson, was spotted smoking a cigarette in a hidden area of the Building he was filming at in the afternoon, later retiring to his Trailer for a six-hour-long break which saw him lunching on a Subway Sandwich, craving a large bag of Potato Chips in the evening brought to him by his Assistant. The handsome 27-year-old British Actor who plays the Lead Role of Stock,  donned a Canada Goose Parka and was seen exiting quietly, his hood concealing his face. His Private Bodyguard Dean aided him along to his vehicle, narrowly avoiding a serious fall on the extremely slippery footing.  Fortunately he made it unscathed and fall-free to a late night of filming!
Head over to Will's site to read his full set report and if you missed the earlier pics of Rob on set yesterday check them out HERE

Thanks Nancy for the tip!


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