Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

 photo Kissy.gif

We can't let Valentine's Day go by without giving you some goodies to let you all know how much we love you.

The fabulous Bru  has made this great Robert Pattinson video especially for Valentine's. You're going to LOVE it, I promise.

When you've recovered from that we also have this gorgeous wallpaper made by TwiCarol
(Disclaimer: If you put this on your computer do not blame us if your productivity is zero)

 photo TwiCarolValentines.jpg

Click to Download FULL Size

 photo TwiCarolValentines.jpg

And last but certainly not least we have some DiorRob because what would Valentine's Day be without some DiorRob?
We've seen these pics before but now they're LARGER (and we all know how important size is where DiorRob is concerned).
DiorRob, the gift that keeps on giving.

 photo DiorRob__5Larger-1.jpg

Click for Larger

 photo DiorRob__4Larger.jpg  photo DiorRob__1Larger.jpg  photo DiorRob__5Larger.jpg  photo DiorRob__2Larger.jpg  photo DiorRob__7Larger.jpg

These last 2 we had as scans. Now we just need them in HQ!

 photo DiorRob__3Larger.jpg  photo DiorRob__6Larger.jpg

Dior Pics via RPAU
Wallpaper via RobArt Gallery


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