Robert Pattinson's Queen of the Desert, Life and Maps To The Stars are expected for fall festivals!

Robert Pattinson's Queen of the Desert, Life and Maps To The Stars are expected for fall festivals!

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The Toronto International Film Festival (Sept. 4-14) line up will be announced on July 22nd and the  Venice Film Festival (Aug. 27-Sept. 6) line up will be announced on July 24th.

Rob's next 3 films are rumored and expected to show up at one of these fall fests.

Maps To The Stars going to TIFF seems like a foregone conclusion at this point. It's expected to have its North American premiere there and then released later in the fall. 

Queen of the Desert producers have been dropping teases. Nick Raslan called QOTD "a true epic" and Cassian Elwes called the film a total winner and said they'd get distribution at the fall festivals. The Playlist added Telluride and NYFF to the mix for QOTD possibilities too. Elwes is hoping for US release this year and Raslan also shared a still from the film.

Life is the last Rob film to be a part of the fall fest rumors and it's the one I'm looking forward to the most. One guess why....

Anton Corbijn revealed that Philip Seymour Hoffman was planning on being in Life before his passing. The Playlist speculates that he could have played Dennis Stock's editor (now played by Joel Edgerton) or Jack Warner (played by Ben Kinglsey).

The Playlist also suggested that "Life is expected to be among the announcements for TIFF and Venice when they arrive next week". This would definitely be a pleasant surprise if it turns out to be true. VERY pleasant.

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As for Rob's fall filming schedule, it looks like we'll see him film Idol's Eye and The Childhood of a Leader. TCOAL's time frame jumps around between September and November and IE jumps between October and November. We'll see how they shape up the closer we get since schedules on indies change frequently. The Lost City of Z was last scheduled for January 2015 but there seems to be a conflict with Benedict Cumberbatch's schedule (he's slated to now be working on Sherlock) so like the others, we just have to wait and see.

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That's all that the updates on Rob's film slate for now. We'll keep you posted next week when the lineups are announced for the film festivals!


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